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Accommodation Type
You may choose to live on campus which we highly recommend. There is an International Student Apartment Building on Nanhua Campus, Chassroom, library and r5estaurants and other facitilies are only a few minutes' walk from the apratment. Besides, favorable living conditaions in the apartment attract makes almost all international students choose to live there. You also live off campus by renting your own apartment out of school. Rental prices will vary depending on the type of accommodation and its location.

Accommodation Facilities
In the International Student Apartment Building, the fully furnished rooms offer varieties of facilities for your daily use.
Basic Facitilies: Bed, Desk, Chair, Closet, Bathroom, Shower Bath, Electric Fun, Internet Access, Telephone, Electric water heater
There are other facilities available depending on type of rooms you choose, like air-conditioner and television shared laundry facilities are provided. And all public areas in the apartment building will be cleaned everyday.

Accommodation Fees
Double Rooms: 3,000rmb/person/year
Single Rooms: 6,000rmb/person/year