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Tuition Fees

Program Study Period Tuition Fee
Undergraduate(Clinical Medicine) 6Years(English Medium) 38000RMB/year

4 years 22000RMB/year

Other expenses information
1.Each student has to pay an additional fee of 800RMB for registering.
2.Textbook fees: around 800RMB per year (decided by the current situation)

3.Accommodation fees: 

RMB 5500/per year (Triple Room Without Private Bathroom of Dormitory Building C)

RMB 6500/per year (Double Room With Private Bathroom of Dormitory Building B)

4.Dormitory Deposit: 400RMB

5.Expenses on food: decided by oneself, about 20RMB per day.

6.Expenses on medical examination: 400RMB/year

7.Expenses on residence permiT: 840RMB/year

8.Expenses on Insurance: 3600RMB in total

9.Expenses on beddings: 500RMB in total

10.Electric charge and fees of network will be paid by students themselves.

Note: Due to floating of exchange rate, the exact amount of dollars may also change. This structure is according to the rate of Spring Batch, 2020.