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About Liaoning Medical University

Liaoning Medical University (LMU), founded in 1946, is located in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province.During its development over the past 61 years, the university has become a leading provincial university with its main educational focus on medical sciences.


Campus Location
The campus lies in the north of the city of Jinzhou and covers an area of 975,000 square meters with a floor-space of 279,000 square meters. There are well-equipped sport grounds, a gymnasium and a newly-built library.

Teaching Conditions
The university consists of 16 teaching departments, 98 teaching offices, 56 teaching laboratories, 7 affiliated comprehensive hospitals and 169 bases for teaching and practice. The university curriculum comprises 21 specialized undergraduate subjects, 32 master degree programs and 1 doctor degree program. Currently there are about 1000 graduate students and about 15,000 undergraduate students studying in LMU. Among the faculty members there are 219 professors and chief doctors, 533 associate professors, 45 doctorate degree and 256 master degree holders. About 120 faculty members have received their education and degree abroad. More than 100 teachers and researchers of the university have won honorable prizes for their excellence in teaching and researching, guaranteed by as well local governments, the provincial as the national government.

Sister Universities
Besides providing education for international students, the university is also actively involved in international academic exchange program with universities abroad such as the university of Glosgow in Scotland, the university of Pertoria in South Africa and the university of health sciences in Antigua and regularly exchanges scholars and specialists to give lectures.

Educational & Accommodation Facilities
Educational conditions are excellent, with private classrooms for the overseas students. Modern computerized teaching technologies and facilities in the computer center are available for courses involved in computer-aided teaching. The university’s library has an advanced electronic reading room and has access to the retrieval system for medical documents from the American MEDLINE and the Chinese Medical Institute. At the same time, the university library provides a convenient studying environment for overseas students. The experts hotel is available in the campus for the overseas students with hotel–standard accommodation together with a dormitory especially designed for the overseas students including laundry facilities and kitchen. A wide variety of restaurants and cafeterias are located throughout the campus, with a selection of foods diverse enough to cater to many tastes. Recreational areas on campus provide for all kinds of sports and activities, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and roller-skating. There are lots of shops satisfying the domestic needs of students.