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Students Services

The Management Center of Student Dorm will provide the following public service facilities:

Study room, clothes-drying room, cloth-washing room, kitchen, television room, book bar, card-and-chess room and ping-pang room.
The details of each facility will be provided below.

Study Rooms:

Study rooms are in the dorms for students to study there. The dorms on campus one with study rooms are as follows: A01, A02, A03, A04, A05, A06, A07, A08, A09, A10, A11, A12, A13. The dorms on campus two with study rooms are as follows: B02, B03, B05, B06, B07.

The study rooms provide convenience to students and help maintain good order in the dorm.
The clerk in each dorm will clean study rooms periodically and collect the objects used for possessing sets. Clerks will check on the chairs, lights and electric appliances. Reparation is available if needed. When there is no one in the room, clerks shall turn off lights.
Students shall obey the rules in study rooms to keep the rooms clean. They shall not shout, scrabble, or put bags on the seat when the person is not there. The last one leaves the room should turn off the lights and lock the door. The study rooms are only available to the students living there.

Clothes Drying Room:

The room provides space for students to dry their clothes. The students living in dorms with in-room washroom can use both the drying room and their washroom to dry their clothes.
The room is usually located in the room, on the corridor or on the balcony.
Clerks is responsible for cleaning the rooms periodically, reminding students to collect their clothes and to dry the clothes after they are drained in the machine.
Students shall obey the following rules: to dry clothes after water is drained, to collect the dry clothes in time, not to take away others‿properties and to keep the room clean.

Laundry Room:

The washing room can set up card-sliding machine or coin-inserting machine according to the number of students living in the dorm.
The using instruction of washing machine will put up in the room to guide students.
The rooms should be clean and well ventilated. The air should be fresh, temperature suitable and sunshine should be sufficient in the room. Washing machines requires periodically check and reparation to ensure the functioning of machines. Clerks shall clean and sterilize machines on time. Clerks are responsible for checking the functioning of machines and deal with related problems. They shall register the lost properties and keep them for students.
The rooms will be opened and closed according to timetable and the students with healthy problems may get tailored services.


The kitchen will provide several new facilities to save time and efforts for students. The rooms are well received by students.
Usually there are microwave ovens, dining tables and chairs in every kitchen, and smoke-draining machines and sinks are installed in some particular dorms. The dorm will take on the responsibility of checking and repairing micro-wave ovens to insure its function.
The clerks shall guarantee the ventilation and air quality, and make sure that the lighting, circuits, switches, and ovens are functioning properly. They shall also clean and sterilize the ovens and tables periodically to insure the kitchens are in good sanitary conditions.
Students should read instructions, keep the kitchen clean and shall not damage the facilities.
Except for several dorms, kitchens will be opened and closed according to timetable. If students have special needs, kitchens should be available at any time.

TV Room:

To enrich students' life, TV rooms are installed in the dorm, which are also the most frequented place.
There is one TV set and several rows of chairs in the room. The clerks will check the lighting, circuits, and switches periodically and maintain the proper functions of these facilities. They shall clean the room everyday to keep the ventilation, air and temperature good.
Students are not supposed to make noises, stand while watching or searching channels with the buttons on TV. Remote control is available if the student deposits his or her Certificate of Student to the dorm.
The open time of TV room is from 19:00 to 23:00, Monday through Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday, the room is open through 08:00 to 23:00. when it is time to close the room, clerks shall inform students.

Book Bar:

The bar is convenient for students to read inside the dorm.

Card and Chess Room:

The room exemplifies new features on campus. The room will be available only in men’s dorm. The room provides jump chess, Chinese chess, the game of go, military chess, cards and other games to students for entertainment.
Clerks will clean and sterilize both the room and the game facilities periodically to guarantee the health of students.
When playing games, students shall try to keep the room clean and protect facilities. If the facilities are damaged, compensation of equal price is required.
The opening time may vary according to the rules of different dorms.