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Application fee:

320 CNY /person; 410 CNY/person( taught in English) 

Undergraduate Program: 18000 CNY per year, per person
Master's degree Program: 25000 CNY per year, per person
Doctoral Degree Program: 33000 CNY per year, per person; 49200 CNY per year, per person ( taught in English)
General advanced program: 23000 CNY per year, per person
Special advance program: 32000 CNY per year, per person 

500 CNY per month, per person( no including electricity fee ) 
Other fees:

students are responsible for their boarding, medical care, teaching materials and travel expense on vacations.

Note: Tuition must be paid within the first week after classes begin. If the student discontinues their study at HIT, the tuition will be non-refundable.