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The dormitories located on both campuses are altogether 19 buildings, with floor area of 280,000 square meters, and providing residence for 25000 students, who sign a contract with the institute, which buys and washes the beddings together.Undergraduates live in rooms of 4 to 8 people; master candidates stay in rooms of 2-6, and doctoral students in rooms of 2-3.

Dormitories are also important in educating students, and they are windows to display the institute.The institute attaches great importance to the construction, management, reform, and development of the student dormitories.Since the year 2002, the institute has invested 150 million yuan in building 6 new dormitories, 11678000 yuan in refurbishing 5 dorms, and 15 million yuan for the purchase and renewal of furniture, which has rapidly improved the living conditions and facilities.In the rooms, IC card operated telephones are installed, and the dormitory buildings set aside TV rooms, reading rooms, and for some dorms kitchens, and book bars.Other dorms offered maintenance and laundry services, and opened supermarkets.Some new dorm buildings also include fitness centers and saloons of high tastes, which render students space for entertainment.

In March 2002, the administration of the HIT dorms passed the ISO9001 international standard quality management system.The dorms follow the guiding principle 'strict requirements in management and perfect quality of service' and urge the stuff to provide convenient, prompt, kindly, standard service and advocate that students in residence form polite, healthy, friendly, and up-going morality.

Now, the dorms have become modernized living quarters at once incorporating relaxation, studying, and entertainment.

A13 Dorm is also known as International Students' Dorm .

dorm for international students

Dorm for international students

It was put into use on November 1 st 2002. the floor space is 13255 square meters. There are meeting room, study room, cloth-washing room, entertainment area and other functioning rooms. The facilities are well equipped. There are all together 168 suites or 304 rooms in the dorm. The dorm is capable to hold 494 people. The hall of the dorm is 262 square meters, and on its left is a service table, which provides services around the clock and be responsible for all the matters of the dorm.

There are four sets of leather sofa for entertainment or meeting friends. On the wall of the hall there are three telephones on which IC or IP cards can be used. There are tables and chairs on circular corridor on the second floor. Students can study or communicate with each other there. There are public washroom and fire-control center on the left corridor of the first floor. The fire-control center sets a watchman day and night in case of emergency. On the left of the corridor on the second floor, there are public washroom and cloth-washing room. The washing room provides six automatic washing machines. Students can purchase IC cards at the service table and with the IC cards they can use washing machines. The machine will wash clothes for 41 minutes one time, and the price for each time is 2.50 Yuan. The price is proper and the service is good. On the right side of the corridor on second floor, there is a meeting room with four sets of sofa and a piano, which is an ideal place for cultural exchange. On the left there is a study room with 24 tables and two porcelain boards, which can hold 48 students for a class.

The dorm is 16-storey. There are 11 suites of rooms on each floor except the first and second floor. There are single and double rooms. The floor space of single room is 23 sqm, and double room 29.2 sqm. The rooms are up to national standards. There are elegant furniture, lights, electric stove, TV, card-using telephones in the room together with water-heating machines, washing tubs, hangers and other facilities. The dorm also provides each room with cable TV line and web line. All these facilities are for the convenience of students.

Foreign Student Apartment of HIT can support 1-2 people in each room which is equipped with a separate washing room (water connected, 24 hours), telephone, reading lamp, TV set, internet connection and furniture such as chair, desk, bookshelf and a separate bed. In the apartment there is a studying room, a small conference room, a supermarket and a laundry room. International students can enjoy the facilities of the library and gymnasium as well as the dining hall. A bank, supermarket, hospital, bookstore, post office and photograph shop which make life very convenient are all located on the campus.

Charging Fees
 Double room
(Not including electricity fee)
TV, telephones, internet access, washroom
24-hours shower hot water available, etc.