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Shaanxi Normal University 2014 Graduation for Graduate Student held

In the afternoon of June 27, 111 graduating doctoral students and 2526 master's students attended the Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of Shananxi Normal University(SNNU).

Mr. He Chongben, a famous philanthropist and SNNU honorary professor, Mr. He Chongyuan and Mrs. Xu Liangying were invited to the ceremony.

308 graduates were commended as Outstanding Graduates and Outstanding Student Affairs Administrators, and 139 graduates were appointed as the liaison men for alumni affairs.

President Cheng Guangxu said, "In the past few years, you spent the most precious time at Shaanxi Normal University. This period of life is short and hard, but it is also fulfilling and beautiful. I believe your learning and training here has improved your ability, cultivated your mind and accumulated your life's wealth."

Prof. Ding Weixiang of School of Politics and Economics, Xu Yanjiao from the major of Computer Software and Theory, Hou Jia from the major of Educational Theory spoke at the ceremony on behalf of the faculty, master's students and doctoral students respectively.

Vice-president Xiao Zhenghong said, "No matter where you will be in the future, I believe there will always be a lasting connection between alma mater and you. At this time of parting, I hope you will dare to explore the world and seek after truth, and I wish you success."

At degree-conferring ceremony, Academic Degree Evaluation Committee chairman Cheng Guangxu and vice-chairman Xiao Zhenghong conferred degree certificates to each graduate and had photo taken together.