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About SNNU

Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU) is one of the key institutions of higher learning directly affiliated to Ministry of Education and it entered "211 Project University" in 2006. It is an important base of fostering teachers of higher education, middle school education and educational administrative cadres. It is regarded as "the cradle of teachers" in Northwest China.

The predecessor of Shaanxi Normal University is Shaanxi Provincial Teachers School which was founded in 1944. It was renamed as Xi’an Teachers College in 1954. In 1960 Xi’an Teachers College emerged with Shaanxi Teachers College into Shaanxi Normal University. In 1978, it became one of the key institutions of higher learning directly affiliated to Ministry of Education. For 60 years, under the guidance of the educators such as Liu Zeru, Li Mian, Guo Qi of the old generation, its staff has worked hard and striven for the prosperity of the university generation after generation.

Up to now, SNNU has been built into an influential top comprehensive university, with complete disciplines and majors and with an integrated teaching system. SNNU has fostered near 130,000 graduates of all kinds for the nation, opening its enrolment to 31 provinces and districts all over the country. Besides, SNNU has begun to recruit postgraduate students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The current university Party Secretary is Researcher Gan Hui; University President is Prof. Fang Yu.

The university is one of the earliest universities which performed the logistical socialized reform; therefore, it exposed an advanced way of logistical reform with its own characteristics. This experience exerted extensive influence nationwide.

Facing the new century, SNNU tries to take the opportunity of Western Development, enhances its teaching quality all over, increases its level of scientific research and social service, and strives for running SNNU into a comprehensive, research-oriented university with the specialization in teacher training.