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Registration Procedure

Registration Procedure 1. Present "Visa Application forStudy in China (JW202 Form)", "Admission Notice", Remittance Note, HealthExamination Certificate and “Registration Form for Temporary Residence” issued by Xi’an local Police Station 2. Fill in the “Registration From”, read and sign the “Safety Obligation for International Students” 3. Present your passport, 2 photocopies of passport name & photo page, and 2 photocopies of current visa page (all on A4 size papers) and 5 recent photos (2.5 x 3.5cm) 4.Pay tuition and/or registration fee, insurance fee (in RMB cash only) and finish registration IMPORTANT NOTICE: 1. Present your passport for examination of the validity of your current visa and to see if you need a visa extension, otherwise you may be subject to a fine of RMB500 yuan per day for illegal stay. 2. Students who need to extend and change their visas to Residence Permits shall go through health exam to obtain the Health Report or have their Health Examination Certificate verified at designated Examination Center in Xi’an. Please pay attention to the Notice to be put up in the 2nd week after beginning of semester and go to the Center on time. 3. Students must register their lodging information at the local Police Station and present a copy of Registration Form for Temporary Residence to Int’l Students Office. 4.Students who need to extend their spouses and/or children’s visas must provide copies of Marriage /Birth Certificate with typed and printed translations. 5. New Student’s ID Cards will be issued about two weeks after the beginning of the semester when they hand in photos as required. 6. New students must attend the Orientation and Lecture on Foreign Administration Regulations (Law on the Entry and Exit of Aliens of PRC) to be notified. Notice for Registration 1. Students are required to come to the International Students Office within the first week from the beginning of new semester for registration, tuition payment, residence registration and visa / residence permit extension, etc., and then present the tuition payment receipt to the relevant School, Department or Office to start class. 2. Students must pay an overdue fine for late tuition payment if they pay their tuition one month one month later than after the beginning of new semester. The fine ranges from 2% to 5% in view of the period of time of the delayed payment. Students who request to quit school can get a full refund of tuition within one week after the beginning of new semester; 85% tuition if the request is within 2 weeks; 70% tuition if the request is within 3 weeks; 50% tuition if the request is within 4 weeks. Tuition is not refundable if the request is after one month. 3. In accordance with relevant Chinese regulations, students are required to pay a compulsory insurance fee of RMB300 for one semester and RMB600 for two semesters (one year) upon registration. 4. Language students’ Student’s ID Card and Campus Card will be issued or prepared by the International Students Office of the International School of Chinese Studies, while degree students’ Student’s ID Card and Campus Card will be issued or prepared by the Teaching Affairs Office or Postgraduate Office. 5. Students shall pay their accommodation charges according to the “Provisions for the Management of International Students Staying in the Foreign Affairs Service (Qixiayuan)” and “Provisions for the Management of International Students Staying in the International Students Apartment (Tiantanxuan)”. 6. Exemption of tuition and/or accommodation charges of exchange students are to be arranged with the certificate by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange according to the exchange agreement signed with relevant institutions.