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Why Study in SNNU

The university is “national cultural quality education base of University students” and “College counselor training and study base under Ministry of Education”. For many years, the university attached great importance to the overall quality of students’ education, vigorously promoted the school spirits of “to Morality stress, Knowledge accumulation” to construct high grade campus culture. It also actively promotes “Improvement plan of the quality of college students “to carry out a variety of campus cultural activities, social activities and the practice of public service activities and advocates that the high culture enters into campus. College students’ cultural festival of art, the cultural festival of science and technology, the overall quality of students contest, English corner are all included in the cultural activities. Students’ society on studying Marxist-Leninist theories has been visited and supervised by three provincial party committee secretaries.

The university was awarded the honorary title of “national advanced university of spiritual civilization” by the Central Committee of Civilization in 1999 and Communist Youth League School was awarded a central mission “the National advanced College Students’ collective social practice” in 2004.

The university library has a collection of books of 2.968 million copies, reaching the top compared with other universities in western China due to its advanced facilities, perfect functions and bulks of books. The libraries of the two campuses cover 50.9 thousand square kilometers. History & Civilization Museum, Paintings & Art Museum and the only National Women History &Culture Museum are all set up in the university. The university also publishes journals as “Shaanxi Normal University Journal”, “Contemporary Teachers’ Education”, "Series of Chinese History & Geography”", "Review on Social Science", "Chinese Arts Education", "Study of De Xiaoping Theory", "Studies on Laboratories of Colleges & Universities"and so on. "Shaanxi Normal University Journal" enters Ministry "Outstanding Journals Project”"among11 social science journals published by universities. The University Press edits and publishes 9 kinds of journals of basic education research, with their publication total price rank first compared with the same kind of journals. Four journals are the core of the national publications. And the Press stresses both social and economic results, joining the ranks of top ten among university presses.

The university actively carries out international cooperation and exchanges, and has built a relationship with 60 universities of a number of countries and districts including America, Britain, French, German, Japan, Australia, Canada, Korea, Vietnam and Hong Kong etc. fostering over 3,000 foreign students.

The university has its own affiliated high school, affiliated primary school and kindergarten. The affiliated high school is a key provincial middle school and affiliated primary school and kindergarten are provincial model schools. In recent years, the university jointly ran Jin Yuan International School and Jin Tai Si Lu Hua Cheng School with private enterprises in order to make full use of the educational resources of the university.

The university is one of the earliest universities which performed the logistical socialized reform; therefore, it exposed an advanced way of logistical reform with its own characteristics. This experience exerted extensive influence nationwide.

Facing the new century, SNNU tries to take the opportunity of Western Development, enhances its teaching quality all over, increases its level of scientific research and social service, and strives for running SNNU into a comprehensive, research-oriented university with the specialization in teacher training. (trans.Yangli)