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SNNU attends Annual Session of China’s Education Television Association

Annual Session of China’s Education Television Association was held in Nanjing. At this session, the TV station of Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU) was elected as one of the deputy director and deputy secretary member units of University Television Studies Committee subordinate to association

More than 200 people participated in this meeting, including relevant leaders from the Ministry of Education, Chinese Education Television Association, Jiangsu Provincial Education Department and Bureau of Broadcasting and Television, as well as representatives from provincial/municipal education TV stations and university TV stations. Wei Qiangying, Director of SNNU TV station attended the meeting. Wei Xiaobo, Director-General of Department of Social Science, Ministry of Education, as well as Shen Jian, Secretary of Jiangsu Education Work Committee, delivered welcoming address respectively.

At this session, Song Chengdong, Director of the association, briefly summarized the development of China’s education television industry in 2010 by analyzing its status quo and future trends, and clearly elaborated the focuses and tasks of the next year. Then Song declared the governmental approval on the establishment of University Television Studies Committee of China’s Education Television Association, with more than 70 university TV stations as initial member units. Besides, Lv Xuewu, Vice Director of China Education TV Station, was elected as Chairman of the Director Committee, and Shi Junying, former Director of Peking University TV Station, as Secretary General.

 After heated discussions on the current issues of education television industry, the partiipants paid a visit to Nanguang College of Communication University of China.