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University of Greenwich Signed a Cooperative Project Agreement with SNNU

A delegation from University of Greenwich (UG) in the UK visited SNNU and signed a Cooperative project agreement on joint training program with International Business School of SNNU. The visitors included Mr. Les Johnson, Dean of Business School of UG, Nick Hand, Project Director in China Area, and Dr. Qi Hantang, Director of Doctoral Program of UG’s Business School. Relevant leaders from concerned departments of SNNU held negotiations with the visiting guests on mutual cooperation and joint training program of double degree students on Yanta Campus.

Zhang Jiancheng, Director of International Program Office of SNNU, extended warm welcome to the visiting guests on behalf of the university, and wished that the collaborative relationship between the two universities’ business schools would set a successful example of friendly cooperation. Mr. Les Johnson expressed that the two business schools could further cooperate on personnel training and collaborative research apart from the joint training program of double degree.

Zhang Linyun, Vice Director of International Program Office of SNNU, exchanged the opinions with British guests on the implementation of “3+1+1”and “4+1” student training program as well as on the research cooperation and teacher exchanges. Lei Hong, Vice Dean of International Business School of SNNU, introduced the disciplinary structure, personnel training and international communication of the school, and discussed the detailed cooperation with Business School of UG at current stage.

Based on thorough negotiation and exchanges, the two parties reached a cooperative agreement finally. Later, Mr. Lu Xizhong, Party Secretary of SNNU’s International Business School, signed a Collage Cooperation Agreement with Mr. Les Johnson, marking the establishment of the cooperative relationship between the two schools, which starts two business schools’ joint training program.