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Fees for Self-Financed Students (in CNY)


Tuition fee

Application Fee

Undergraduate Program

Arts: 15,000
Science and Engineering: 17,000


Master Program

Arts: 19,000
Science and Engineering: 21,000

Doctoral Program

Arts: 24,000
Science and Engineering: 26,000

General Advanced Study

Arts: 18,000
Science and Engineering: 20,000

Senior Advanced Study

Arts: 22,000
Science and Engineering: 24,000

Chinese Language Courses


Chinese Culture Courses

Depending on actual programs

Short-term Classes on Huxiang Culture

Depending on actual programs

a. Fees for master and doctoral programs taught in English are higher than the fees shown above;
b. Application fee is not to be refunded.


International Students Apartment (equipped with private bathroom, air conditioner, internet access, public kitchen, and public laundry facilities):
Single room: CNY 60 /day
Double room: CNY 80 /day

Apartment rented on campus (equipped with household appliances, internet access, kitchen and bathroom):
Apartment with 1 living room and 2 bedrooms: CNY 800-1,200/month
Apartment with 1 living room and 3 bedrooms: CNY1, 200-1,500/month

Food and Living Expenses

There are various restaurants on and near the campus, like western restaurants, Islamic restaurants, Chinese restaurants and snack bars, and students can choose any one for meals as they like. There are also a couple of cafeterias providing rich varieties of food. Cost of living in Changsha is comparatively low, and generally RMB 800-1,000 per month will be enough for a fairly comfortable life.