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1. Application Fee:

Undergraduate Programs, Non-degree long-term Programs: 500 Yuan RMB;

Non-degree short-term Programs: 350 Yuan RMB.

2.   Tuition:

1) Chinese Language Undergraduate Program: 18700 Yuan  RMB /academic year.

2) Overseas Chinese Education Undergraduate Program Class A: 15000 Yuan RMB /academic year; Class B & C: 18700 Yuan  RMB/academic year.

3) Non-degree long-term Programs (Rudimentary, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Language Class, Crash Chinese Course, Business Chinese, Cantonese): 8850 Yuan  RMB/semester.

4) Non-degree Short-term Chinese class: 800 Yuan RMB / week.

5) HSK Intensive Training Course: 840 Yuan RMB /course.

6) English-medium Bachelor's degree programs: 22000 Yuan RMB/year.

7) Fees of Programs in International School of Jinan University


Type of program
Tuition fee
Major in liberal arts, economics and management
Major in Accounting (CGA)
Major in science
Major in medicine