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Accommodation fee
Apartments fall into two types: single room and double room. Facilities in the apartment include: telephone, air-conditioner, bathroom, hot/cold water, Internet access, color TV, washing machine, and refrigerator. Prices range from RMB3800/semester to 6200/semester according to different conditions. A certain amount of electricity allowance is provided monthly, but residents must pay for any additional usage

Fee (Yuan RMB)
Zhong’ai Building and Xinyi Building
Single Room
(2nd-4th floor )
12,400Yuan/academic year/person 6,200Yuan/semester/person
Double Room I
(5th-8th floor )
8,200Yuan/academic year/person 4,100Yuan/semester/person
Double Room II
(1st floor)
7,600Yuan/academic year/person 3,800Yuan/semester/person

All the fees must be paid at or before registration. Our college will accept RMB. Other currencies are converted to the equivalent value of RMB according to the latest exchange rate issued by Bank of China. The tuition fee, housing fee and miscellaneous fee is charged according to the government regulations.
1. The housing fees for short-term classesare charged at a daily rate: RMB50/day for a single room, RMB35/day for a double room of the first class residence.
2. Living Cost: There are Chinese and Western style cafeterias with reasonable price in the college providing dining services for students. Students can choose upon their own need.

students' dormstudents' dorm

 Students' dorm            

Medical examination fee

Cost varies by medical examiners. Those who have received examination abroad will have to bring the original document and pay for the authentication fee only.

Residence-permit fees

According to reciprocal arrangements between the Chinese government and that of the students' home country