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Dalian Medical University successfully passed the education quality certification of ‘study in China’

On October 18,the19th ChinaInternationalEducationAnnualConference-the certification of international teaching quality of universities in China,held in Beijing.At the conference, the results of the third batch ofqulified universities, which passed the attestition,were released.Dalian Medical Universitysuccessfully passed thecertificationwithother 31 universities, e.g.DalianUniversity ofTechnology,CentralUniversity ofFinance andEconomics,LiaoningUniversity andetc. Haixin Lei, executive dean of international education college of DMU,received the certificate of qualitycertificationon behalf of our school.

Entrusted by theDivision ofInternationalCooperation and Exchange,theMinistry ofEducation, ChinaEducationAssociation of InternationalExchange officially launched theteachingquality certification, whichaims to promote higher education institutions to focus on talent cultivation, improve quality and efficiency, and improve theadministrationofinternationalstudents in China,fromMarch 2015.The association, in accordance with the‘qualitycertificationindex systemofuniverisities’, organizesexperts to carry out strict evaluation, and evaluatesthe quality of education in terms of school guiding ideology, school conditions, education training, management service and schoolachievement.Our school was signed as the third batch ofcertification evaluationon December 15, 2017.In the stage of self-evaluation, all departments ofDalian MedicalUniversity cooperated with each otherwell, made active preparations, completed the self-evaluation report, collected and sorted out detailed supporting materials, objectively summarized and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of education of foreign students in our university, and achieved a good effect of promoting construction by evaluation.

The passing ofsuch certificationis a comprehensive affirmation of education forinternationalstudents in our university, and also a new higher requirementof international educationis proposed.Our school will analyze the existing problems and shortcomings according to thecertificationopinions, make further improvement plans and implementation methods, and promoteinternational educationto ahigherlevel.

China Education Association of International Exchange is a education servicecertification authorityofficially approved byCertification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China.Since the launch of the quality certification program in 2015, 93 colleges and universities in three batches have successfully passed the certification.Among them, 54 universities have been included in the list of dual-class construction, accounting for 58%.There are 78 Chinese government scholarship schools, accounting for more than 84%.In 2018, with the release of ‘theNationalHigherEducationQualitySpecificationofInternationalStudents in China (trial)’, the quality certification willbe carried on all over China, and the cause of ‘studyinChina’ has embarked on a new journey of improving quality, efficiency and connotation.