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Tuition fee(per year)

Education Program


Tuition fee(RMB)

 Bachelor degree

Clinical Medicine

6 years

42,000 per year

Clinical Phamacy

5 years

35,000 per year


5 years

45,000 per year

Master degree(English-Taught)

3 years

41000 per year

Doctoral degree(English-Taught)

3 years

45000 per year


0.5 year

15000 per semester

Acconmmodation Fee:

Double Room in dorm 19: 11000RMB inluding 1000 deposit in 1st year

Other charges 

Book(different everyyear): 500

Doctor suit: 150

Physical examination fee(1st year, pay to medical center directly): 450

Permit Residence fee(every year): 800

Insurance(every year): 600RMB