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A Communication Bridge------Joint Meeting of IEC
The International Education College(IEC) manages an education on a world-level outlook and scale and facilitates the daily life of about 1700 students from around 80 countries in the world.
On June 20th, a joint meeting was held at the Administration Building of IEC. Dean Richard Chen, Party Secretary Pearl Liu and Deputy Dean Robert Pan were present along with other teachers. Also in attendance were the President, Vice President and the Heads of different Departments from the International Students’ Union. The meeting aimed to listen to the voice from the students, so as to improve the well-being of all the international students.
The members of the Students Union presented problems they faced and struggled from the lack of communication between the offices and students to things in the apartments, study, visas, etc.
Mr. Richard Chen, who had worked in IEC since 2000 and left in 2015 and just returned two weeks ago, listened carefully about all the issues IEC is facing and promised a better studying and living environment for all the international students of SAU.
Feudjio Ladjou Nicoletta, President of the Students Union said: The meeting was the first of its kind in this semester and it was scheduled with the intention of bridging the communication gap between the students and the offices.
Minsozi Simbwae, Head of Academics said: At the beginning I didn’t quite know what to expect. It was a meeting where we expressed the issues we faced as international students. It felt very relieved to know that the university cares about the well-being of the students to such an extent.
Rahman MD Khalilur, Head of Design said: It was an important meeting for both students and the management. At the meeting we discussed a lot of issues and the Dean of IEC listened to the international students’ opinion carefully.
Finally, Mr. Richard Chen emphasized the education aim of SAU is to enable every student the qualifications for a good job and successful life in the future, In the past years, some of the international graduates from SAU are working in Airbus, BMW, Air force, Civil Aviation Authority, Airports, etc. Strict discipline, good personality and outstanding study performance are the keys for the achievements. The students are the hopes of the family, the country and the world, SAU, as one of the leading universities for international students education in China, will join hands with all the international students for the splendid future.
This meeting was a success as it strengthened the relationship between the offices and the students and it will be held every two weeks in the future.