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International Costume Culture Exhibition of IEC, 2018

The International Costume Culture Exhibition of IEC, 2018’ was held in Student Center in June 9. The executive dean of IEC, Haixin Lei and some faculty participated in this event with students.

Ten international students from different countries, dressed in different styles, showed the cultural connotation of exotic customs in the spotlight and stage. Moreover, the wonderful songs of the singers added some international atmosphere to the event. At last, the dean awarded certificates to the winners, and encouraged them to study harder and perform better in the future.

The exhibition is one of the activities of this year's international student culture festival. With cultural guidance as the main theme, clothing as the carrier of culture, the IEC organized ‘Music & Food Festival’, ‘Culture Performance’, and ‘International Costume Culture Exhibition’, which show the IEC concept of diversity, openness, internationalization, culture, and fashion.