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Gratitude from Doctor Saud Memon

Dear all in SICAS,

This is Saud Memon from Johannesburg. Do you guys still remember me?

Three years ago, I applied for Neurology in Dalian Medical University through your system.  With SICAS Adviser`s help, I got my Admission Letter in one week. You connect my bridge to study in China. 

I spent a period of unforgettable time in China.  The program I attended widened my horizon and offered me chances to closely contact withTraditional Chinese Medicine. 

Now, I have good news to share with you guys. I opened my own medical clinics on December 1st!  I backed to Johannesburg after getting my Master`s Degree in the June of this year.  I successfully registered as a medical practitioner in HPCAS after writing  the HPCSA board exam. 

Here I want to thanks to SICAS  for helping me realize my dream of being a Doctober. I always remember you and your assistance will be in my heart forever. 

Wish SICAS everything goes well.

Best Regard,

Saud Memon

December 5, 2013