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Mayor of Paderborn City of Germany Visited QUST

The mayor of Paderborn City of Germany, Mr. Heinz Paus and his assistant Mr. Ulrich Wibbeke has recently paid a visit to QUST. University Chancellor Prof. Gao Qing, President Prof. Ma Lianxiang and Vice-President Prof. Li Qingling interviewed with them. Mr. Paus spoke highly of the cooperation between QUST and Paderborn University (Germany) – Sino-GermanyTechnology College (CDTF in German). He thought that the setting up and development of CDTF is the primary impetus for the cultural and economic exchange of the two cities (Qingdaoand Paderborn).

The QUST presidents hoped that the two universities will make more progress in education cooperation, Chinese language teaching, culture and art exchanges. They also expressed sincere thanks to Mr. Paus for his support of the two universities cooperation.