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QUST has a very good hostel system with fully furnished rooms, quiet study environment and surrounded with trees and flowers. The International Exchange and Cooperation Office provides a guarantee of accommodation placement services to all international students who receive an academic offer.    

QUST hostel can accommodate 1 to 3 students in a room. All rooms are equipped with bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, central heater, water heaters, etc. Cupboard, internet line, telephone set, T.V and suitable lighting are also provided for both study and relaxation. There arecommon areas where students can play and mingle. A public kitchen is available for foreign students to cook their food. Upon the students arrival on campus, the students will be accommodated to the rooms allotted.    

QUST places a very high emphasis on the safety and security of students. The University and the Residences have rules and regulations regarding safety and security that cover an entire range of issues, and that are designed to protect every student in residence. These are to ensure that everyone can live together happily and safely.    QUST has different kinds of dining halls for International students to choose their favorite food.

Room Price

On Campus

single(big): RMB40 per person per day

single(middle): RMB35 per person per day

single(small): RMB25 per person per day

Off Campus

RMB4200 per person per year

 Qingdao University of Science and Technology Duty Building

Accommodation Building