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For Future Students

Application Qualification


Qualification for Application

Study time

Age Limit

Chinese Language Learners


Academic record equivalent to a Chinese Junior High School Graduate.

Or Above 6 months/one




Academic record equivalent to a Chinese Junior High School Graduate.

Less than 6 months / one semester


Winter/Summer School

Academic record equivalent to a Chinese Junior High School Graduate.

2 to 8 weeks



HSK Intensive Course

With basic Chinese language knowledge.

4 to 6 weeks



Chinese Culture Class

Only for group applicants

Arranged upon the requests of the group.



Academic record equivalent to a Chinese Senior High School Graduate.

4 years




Academic record equivalent to a Chinese Bachelor's degree.

3 years



PhD students

Academic record equivalent to a Chinese Master's degree

3 to 5 years



Application Materials

(1) Copies of schooling certificates and transcripts must be translated into Chinese or English.
(2) A copy of HSK examination record for applicants of undergraduate study. HSK Grade 3 for majors of Science and Technology, and HSK Grade 6 for majors of Liberal Arts and Arts.
(3) Recommendations from two referees with a title of Associate Professor or above for applicants of postgraduate or PHD study.

2. Application Deadlines
(1) Long-term students and One-semester students
Spring Enrollment prior to February 28th
Autumn Enrollment prior to August 30th
(2) Summer holiday short-term students: prior to June 30th
(3) Winter holiday short-term students: prior to December 30th
(4) Students who want to pursed a degree should apply before July 30th or December 30th.
(5) Group short-term program application: year round enrollment

3.Admissions and Visa Application
(1) Fill in the "Application Form for Foreigners desiring to study in Qingdao University of Science and Technology" clearly, and then send it together with other required materials to QUST at least one month before the opening day of the school.
(2) Within one month after we receive the application materials, we will send the "Admission Note" "JW202 Form" to these applicants admitted. Then the admitted applicants can take them to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate to apply for an X visa. The applicants should have medical examinations in the hospital appointed by the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China; the medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners. IECO could also help the applicants who have an L or F visa to extend their visa according to their duration in QUST.

5. Registration
Specific dates for registration are presented in the "Admission Notice". We can arrange pick-up service for newcomers. Upon registration, new students must present passports, "Admission Notice", "Physical Examination Form for Foreigners" along with four passport photos, tuition and lodging payments. Those who cannot come and register on time need notice us in advance. Or they will be cancelled the right of registration.

(1) All applicants should be at least 18 years of age and in good health.
(2) All application materials must be submitted in Chinese or English.
(3) Application documents and fees are nonrefundable, whether or not the applicants are accepted by the university. The application fee should be paid by cash or postal remittance, personal checks are not acceptable.