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1. Every student is kindly reminded to go through the enrollment procedures to the university within three days, to avoid illegal stay.
2. International students who are studying at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine should carry insurance.
 If you have already bought international insurance in your home country, please submit a photocopy of the relevant documents to the school for a record;
 If you have not bought international insurance in your home country, the school will provide insurance at the registration. The insurance premium will be supported by the students.

1. The overseas students’ dormitories are single and double set rooms. The accommodation fee for one month  is from RMB¥2200. (Electricity fees not inclusive).
2. Each room is equipped with bed, bedstand, chair, desk, wardrobe, telephone, air- conditioner and private bathroom (Students can apply for ADSL service). Additional facilities include kitchen, and wash machine for public use.

Reserving Service
1. If you need dormitory on campus, room reservation should be made when application. (We supply the application form for room reservation;. If dormitories are full, we don’t accept any room reservation.
2. If you need Picking-up service, the reservation should be made when application. (We supply the application form for Picking-up service reservation;)

A friendly reminder from the CLEC:
Please fill the form clearly and send it to us at least two weeks before you set off.

Attachment 2
CPIC Insurance Program for International Students
Dear Sir or Madam,
Welcome to study and live in Shanghai.
To ensure you enjoy a safe life and successful study here in China, also to comply with the provisions for “International Students Insurance Plan” released by the National Ministry of Education, we are glad to recommend you the “CPIC Insurance Program for International Students”, which, containing both life and medical coverage, provides you a comprehensive protection.
Headquartered in Shanghai, CPIC is one of the three largest insurance groups in China. It was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange with the stock code of 601601.SH. CPIC Life, a subsidiary of CPIC Group, has nearly 150 insurance products covering life, annuity, health, PA, etc, operates life insurance, health insurance, accidental injury insurance and other insurance business.
Wish you a happy stay in China with fully protection and care from CPIC.

CPIC Insurance Program for International Studen