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Why Study in TCM

Education of Chinese medicine and pharmacology is peculiar to fine education resources in our country, with its richly endowed cultural details and perception methods, which not only benefit the Chinese nation, but also are highly valued in the world as well.

Since joining WTO, China precipitates the process to blend Chinese medicine into the conventional medicine in the world. Study in China is one of the important channels to gain the professional education for those who practice Chinese medicine and pharmacology. In China, the cradle of Chinese medicine, it is possible to understand and master the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills of Chinese medicine of orthodox school, no matter by studying in the degree courses or by training in the short-term courses.

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine represents the top level of higher education of Chinese medicine in modern China. Its International Education College is the special institution for international education. The basis of our success is the brand influence of International Acupuncture Training Center and WHO Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine, the long-term canonical experience in international education, and the clinical education bases with strong capabilities. The idea that the international education of Chinese medicine should take initiative in adopting itself to the requirements of the international society peps our great cause up with endless renewed vigor.