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1. Q: Is it possible to get access to the Internet in the overseas students dormitory?

A: The overseas student may apply for installation of ADSL from China Telecom in the room. The applicant please goes to the Estate Management Center to process necessary application with the passport. The monthly charge for ADSL is RMB80, for 24-hour online service.

 2. Q: Are the overseas students allowed to live outside the campus? What is the regular price? How to find a proper apartment?

A: The overseas students are allowed to live outside the campus. The local apartment (with one or two bedrooms) near the University usually charges from RMB1200 to RMB2000. The Overseas Students Service Center may offer information on some apartments near the University. The overseas students may also go the formal and professional estates intermediary companies for information on the available apartments.

 3. Q: What attention should be paid to in accommodation outside the campus?

A: In order to avoid accidents in daily life of overseas students in accommodation outside the campus, the following points should be paid to:

?  Guarantee the safety in life and property, and avoid infringement.

?  Care about safe use of gas. If gas water heater is used, the forced air-exhausting water heater must be used and equipped outside the bathroom. In using water heater, the window of the bathroom must be opened properly.

?  Care about traffic safety, abide by the traffic rules.

?  Keep contact with the college. If the address is changed, get the college informed promptly.

 4. Q: What procedures should be handled in accommodation for overseas students?

A: a) Overseas student should first sign “Contract of Tenancy” with Zhangjiang Real Estate Company Limited or the landlord.

b) “Registration Form of Outcampus Accommodation” should be obtained from Overseas Students Office (Room 206), International Education College and completed with “Contract of Tenancy”.

c) After “Registration Form of Outcampus Accommodation” is completed, overseas student should go to police station of Zhangjiang High-Tech Park (add: west to № 111 Niudun Road) or the local police station in jurisdiction of the rental house for “Registration Form of Temporary Accommodation”.