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About TCM

Established in 1956, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) is one of first four colleges of traditional Chinese medicine in China. Boasting of complete disciplines and a group of celebrated experts, the university has taken an academic leadership among the colleges of traditional Chinese medicine in China, with integration of education, clinic and scientific research. Since 50 years ago, SHUTCM has cultivated various kinds of TCM professors for our country. In 1999, the university passed the evaluation of “National Excellent college of Undergraduate Education”, being the first university of traditional Chinese medicine honored with this reputation in China. SHUTCM has approximately 600 professors, including academicians of the Academy of Sciences, national-celebrated TCM doctors. SHUTCM has 19 subsidiary colleges and departments, 5 affiliated hospitals, 20 independent or affiliated research institutes.

Today, SHTCM has more than 8200 students. There are more than 800 international students for academic degree programs and more than 1000 short-term students from 30 countries every year. The large scale of the overseas students of our university is listed as the top of the colleges of traditional Chinese medicine in China.

SHUTCM is active in international cooperation, having agreements with 14 countries and regions just as UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Romania, France, Finland, Japan, and Thailand, etc.. An extensive international network has been formed in education, clinic and research of traditional Chinese medicine.

International Education College is the institution for overseas students in SHUTCM. Supported by the university’s educational resources, the college has trained nearly 6,000 TCM doctors, acupuncturists and physiotherapists from almost 100 countries and regions for almost 30 years. The college passed the accreditation of ISO 9001:2000 International Quality System and was awarded the CNAB certificate in China and RAB certificate in United States. International Acupuncture Training Center entrusted by WHO is in the International Education College, providing multiple TCM programs with professional interpretation in English, Japanese, French and Korean.