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Long-term Chinese Language Course(1 semester)

Teaching Medium: Chinese
Degree Awarded: Non-Degree
Entry Requirements: High School Graduate
Duration: 1 Semester
Hours/Week: 17 hrs/wk
Starting Date: Sep.2023
Application Deadline: Aug 20, 2023
Tuition Fee:
CNY 8,250 per semester
Application Fee:
150 USD (Non-Refundable)
Schools: Other

Chinese language courses for overseas students consists of specialized courses and elective courses, trainings are given in special and comprehensive areas to overseas students in the study of Chinese language.


1. Elementary Class

Elementary Chinese begins with an intensive overall training for students in Mandarin phonetics. Basic grammar is introduced in this class. The listening and speaking class uses topics in situational dialogues to train the students' basic skills of spoken Chinese. Students will acquire knowledge of Chinese culture through Chinese language classes.

Courses for Elementary Class:

Elementary Chinese 1
This course suits students at Elementary Class One, whose Chinese is at a beginning level.

Elementary Chinese 2
This course suits students in Elementary Class Two, who have studied some Chinese but are still at the beginning level.

Elementary Chinese 3
This course suits students in Elementary Class Three, who have studied some Chinese and learned about 1,000 words.

Chinese Listening and Speaking
This course focuses on the skill of listening and speaking, supporting Elementary Chinese course.

Initiation to Chinese Characters
To support Elementary Chinese course, this course studies the structure of Chinese characters and the writing regulations. This course teaches how to count number of strokes and how to use a Chinese dictionary based on radicals. This course will improve students' ability in reading and writing Chinese characters.

Chinese Reading
This course trains students in reading, supporting Elementary Chinese course.

Chinese Through Video
This course fosters students' ability to understand the language through visual means, supporting the course of Elementary Chinese course.

Chinese Listening
This course trains students in understanding the Language through listening comprehension.

Chinese Speaking
To support other courses, this course guides students to put into practice their language knowledge and skills through oral conversation.

Elementary Chinese Writing
This course supplements other courses by instructing students on how to form paragraphs and develop articles.

2. Intermediate Class

Intermediate Class is designed for students who have finished Elementary Class or an equivalent level. It emphasizes students' understanding and expression of the language, and it also gives an overall training on listening, speaking, reading and writing. This class will also enlarge the students' vocabulary as well as their knowledge of the language.

Intermediate Chinese 1
This course suits students who have studied one year of Chinese with a vocabulary of about 2, 700 words for both daily use and study. Students in this class should learn basic Chinese grammar and have the ability to understand daily conversation.

Intermediate Chinese 2
This courses suits students who have finished Intermediate Chinese 1, with a vocabulary of 3, 700 words.

Chinese Listening and speaking
This course is a part of the whole second year’s study. It trains students through situational dialogue and talking after reading. It also gives overall training on listening and speaking. The students will also have better understanding of Chinese culture and customs.

Chinese Reading
This course gives special training on reading skills to support Intermediate Chinese, improving the students' ability in reading and comprehension.

Basic Chinese Writing
This course introduces basic writing and gives special training with different writing style.

3. Advanced Class

Advanced class is a transitional course for students who have learned basic Chinese grammar and wish to study other subject areas in Chinese language or to study Chinese language for a bachelor’s degree. This course will enable the students to have a better understanding of idioms and history of the language, as well as Chinese culture as a whole.

Advanced Chinese
This course is a required and important course for the third year of students. It requires students to enlarge their vocabulary and knowledge of the language in order to improve their ability of comprehension and fast reading. The aim of this course is to enable the student to reach the level of fluency.

Advanced Chinese Conversation
This course trains the students' ability of oral expression in various forms. Large amount of audio materials are used for students to effectively improve their listening and speaking ability. It will enable the students to express themselves freely and to achieve satisfying results in conversation.

Chinese Writing
To combine with exercises of writing in various kinds of styles, this course will enable the students to master the skill of writing and to express themselves freely in written language.


Chinese Calligraphy
This course will introduce the origins of Chinese calligraphy and give students the basic training for calligraphy. It will also enable the students to appreciate Chinese calligraphy.

Introduction to the Language of Journalism
This course uses articles from the major newspapers in China, introduces basic expressions and sentence patterns in journalism writing. It will enable the students to understand and master the language features of journalism, and improve their reading comprehension.

Chinese Culture
This course focuses on the following topics: study of Confucian classics, historiography, ancient official position, imperial examinations, family names, graves, astronomy, calendar, drama, dancing, painting, pottery, porcelain and other aspects of Chinese culture.

Sichuan Dialect
This course gives a systematic introduction to Sichuan dialect, its phonetics, vocabulary and grammar. In comparison with Mandarin the students will understand the general features of Sichuan dialect.

Ancient Chinese
This course will enable the students to understand the meaning of classic Chinese words and basic grammar of ancient Chinese through classical reading. This course will enable the students to improve their skills in written language by comparing the differences and similarities between ancient Chinese and modern Chinese.

Chinese Word Processing
This course gives an introduction to the features of Chinese characters, introduces three ways to type Chinese characters on computer: phonetic way, radical way and a combination of both. Students can choose one of the three ways to imput Chinese to the computer according to their own practical situation. Skillfulness is expected.

Phonetics Assisting
This course gives special training in phonetics and corrects the students' mispronunciation.

Taiji Quan/Taiji Jian
This course teaches the National Standard 24 Forms Taiji Quan, based on this, further introduction can be given to 48 Forms Taiji Quan, 88 Forms Taiji Quan, 32 Forms Taiji Quan and 54 Forms Taiji Jian.

Autumn semester: from late August or early September to late January of the next year
Spring semester: from late February or early March to mid July.

1.Under 60 years old
2.Senior middle school education or higher
3.With a health certificate
1 Photocopy of valid passport
With photo, passport number &expiration date and name included.

2.  Passport-sized photo
A passport-sized photo taken recently of the applicant.

3.  Graduation certificate of high school
Graduation certificate should be in Chinese or English.If not, it should be translated into Chinese or English and be notarized.

4 Health certificate(optional)
Photocopy of physical examination record.