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Regulation Concern with Scholarship Students

Regulation Concern with Scholarship Students 1. Payment of an allowance for living expenses begins on the day of the student’s arrival at school, thereafter, it will be paid monthly, anyone who arrives (for registration) on the 15th of the first month or before in eligible for full allowance of the month. Those who arrive (for registration) later than the 15th are paid one half of the monthly allowance. Those who complete, suspend of withdraw from studies will receive their allowances up to the month in which they terminate their studies. The scholarship students will have their allowance paid during school at specified time no allowance will be paid for the period of unauthorized absence. 2.Those who repeat their grades will have their allowance for living expenses suspended, They may make fresh applications for the resumption of the suspended scholarships provided that they pass appropriate examinations for studying at senior year. 3. Those who suspend their studies because of illness will have their scholarships suspended scholarships if they provide medical certificates recognized by Chinese schools and Letters of approval resuming their student status from the respective Chinese schools. 4. All the undergraduates, MA and PH.D graduates should study hard and take the compulsory test of the Graduate certificate and degree paper. All the general scholars and language students could not have their certificates. If their absence is over 1/3 time of one semester. 5. Scholarships students will have their Scholarships terminated if they are under any of the following circumstances: (1) Those who fail to pass initial medical checkup upon their arrival in China; (2) Those who have extended illness and can not continue their studies in China; (3) Those who are given sanctions of withdrawal of expulsion from schools for violation Chinese laws and decrees or school’s rules regulations; (4) Those who are no longer suitable for continuing their studies in China according to the academic regulations. 6. If any scholarship student feel in illness, please go the see the doctor of our university hospital first, Or you may choose No.7, People’s Hospital, Hospitals attached to Huaxi Medical Center or Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital. If any Chinese traditional medicine is your choice only. You could have your refund when you submit the effective receipt from the financial office of hospital and the doctor’s prescription. Any other hospital of Outpatient clinic (include and private hospital etc.) you go, or and west medicine and Chinese traditional medicine (include the patent medicine) you buy in the medicine shop, free medical service could not be offered. 7. Scholarship students, however, are to be responsible for the following expenses dentist, denture, filling a tooth, extraction of a tooth and orthodontia eyeglasses parturition or abortion, orthopedics of physiological defects, diet supplements, and treatment of chronic diseases acquired before coming to China. 8. Expenses incurred in injury or casualty accident caused by foreign students violation of Chinese laws and regulations must be borne by the offender, However, it is in the university or out of the university. 9. Those overseas students who obtained scholarship offered by C.S.C must go through the annual review every year for determination whether they can receive the scholarship in the new academic year. 10. Those who do not take part in and fail in the annual review will have their status for the scholarship suspended.