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Study in Sichuan University

Sichuan University has been strong in science and research and  making remarkable achievements over the years. It has 9 national key laboratories and engineering centers, 1 key laboratory for national defence, 9 key laboratories and 4 engineering research centers under the supervision of Ministry of Education, and 3 key laboratories under the supervision of Ministry of Health. It also has 9 national centers for talent training, scientific research and teaching, 7 National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers, 1 National Base of Culture-Oriented Quality Education for College Students, 4 key National Research Bases for Philosophy and Social Sciences, 2 National Drug Clinical Experimental Institutes, 1 National Drug Clinical Research Base. Since 2001, the University has won 20 awards out of three national major award categories for science and technology. In 2009, the research fund of the University reached 1.2 billion yuan, the number of papers published ranked 4th in China, and the number of SCI articles ranked 6th. In humanities and social sciences, several major books in culture was compiled,, edited and published by experts of the University, including: a Chinese Dictionary, The Complete Works of Song Dynasty, A History of Chinese Daoism, The Confucianism. In recent years, the research results of 2 professors have been selected into the first and second top works of Selected works of the China National Fund for Social Sciences, the total number of works being selected ranking 1st together with another university.

Sichuan University has actively promoted both national and regional development of economy and society, and its capacity to contribute to the society is becoming stronger. The University is one of the 6 national technology transferring centers and one of China’s 10 pilot universities in intellectual property rights protection. The Science and Technology Park of Sichuan University is one of the first 15 national college science and technology trial parks approved by the state and has incubated over 50 science and technology enterprises including one listed company. In recent years, the University has established cooperative relations in production, education and research with over 50 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities including Jiangsu, Sichuan, Tibet, and Xinjiang. Similarly the University has developed relationships with over a hundred enterprises and established 23 high-level university-enterprise platforms in production, education and research. It has undertaken 3068 projects in technological development and technological restructuring for over 1000 enterprises in China. A series of major scientific and technological works have become leading technologies in related industries.

Sichuan University has established contacts and cooperative relationships with over 150 renowned colleges and universities as well as research institutes from 42 countries and regions. It has established all-dimensional, multi-layer and multi-form joint education programs with 33 famous universities from over 10 countries including United States and Australia and some European countries. The University has set up Jiuzhaigou International Study Center for Ecology, Environment and Sustainability together with University of California and University of Washington, Sino-US Institute for University Design with Arizona State University, Sino-German Joint Center for Energy Research with Clausthal University of Technology, Western China Poverty-Reduction Research Center with the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, State Council Leading Group Office of Western China Development, UNDP and the World Bank, Sichuan Post-Disaster Reconstruction Support and Research Center with Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The three universities collect over 7 million volumes of books, and the Humanity Museum houses over 40,000 cultural relics, the Natural Museum, over 600,000 pieces of fauna and flora specimen, and the Archives and History Exhibition Center, over 9000 volumes of historic archives. The university also has gymnasiums equipped with complete and advanced facilities, and other organizations including Campus Network, Analytical and Testing Center, Modern Education Technological Center, Intensive Language Training Center and Adult Education College and Distance Learning College. The University publishes 42 kinds of academic journals to both home and abroad.

Looking into the future, Sichuan University has the social responsibility to attract brilliant minds, nurture talents to serve the country, break new academic ground and promote scientific and technological development, whilst guiding the society. It will write another brilliant chapter to add to its history--maintaining its heritage whilst looking to a bright future of innovation and new possibilities.