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Shopping in Kunming

Kunming is multi-ethnic minorities inhabited and is home to diverse culture of ethnic group of China. As an important tourist city, Kunming boasts enchanting scenery, characteristic culture and time-honored history. Kunming also has much to offer for shopping-addict and shopping in Kunming is quite convent.  

Supermarkets in Kunming


Features: Cheap in goods and enthusiastic in staff
Location: Daguan Commercial City, Daguan Road, Kunming

Phone: 0871-5383259Jiadeli 


Location: Chuanjin Road, Panlong District

KunmingHuamei Supermarket

Location: Dongjiawan Road, Guandu District

KunmingBiafu Supermarket

Location: News Road, Wuhua District

Shopping Malls & Department Stores in Kunming

Meichen Department Store

Features: Discounts are sometimes offered.

Location: No.98, Fuchun Street, People Road, Wuhua District, Kunming

Phone: 0871-3618633

Jinlong Department Store
Features: decoration outside is fabulous and goods are in high quality.
Location: No. 131, Baita Road, Panlong District, Kunming

Phone: 0871-3103136

Baisheng Department Store
Features: Discounted fashion clothes are often available.
Location: Bailian Square, Sanshi Street
Phone: 0871-3630186

If you get some part-time after study you may be interested in some featured iterms of Kunming. You can go Flower and Bird Market to buy beautiful flowers, birs and traditional handicrafts. Or you can just go for a shopping window to konw faster about this city. It is also a big cutural market.

Flower and Bird Market 

Features: Not only flowers and birds but traditional handicrafts are available. Location: Jinxing Street, Zhengyi Road How to get to: Take No. 1, No.5, No.52, No.56 and No.100 to get there. 

Shangyi Flower Market 

Feature: Diverse flowers are flocked here, which is as cheap as vegetables. Location: Bailong Neighborhood, Bailong Road, Kunming How to get to: Take No. 47, No.49, and No.72 to get there. 

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