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Like other big cities in the world, Kunming also have a colorful nightlife.After a busy studing day, you may want to relax yourslf at night. Then Kundu night market is the best choise. It is a place that concentrates on dinning, tourism, shopping as well as culture. Here you can find Teahouse, coffee house, Internet bar, local snacks and so on, aiming at different kinds of people. Its location is right beside the Yunnan University. 

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Shopping in Kunming

Kunming is multi-ethnic minorities inhabited and is home to diverse culture of ethnic group of China. As an important tourist city, Kunming boasts enchanting scenery, characteristic culture and time-honored history. Kunming also has much to offer for shopping-addict and shopping in Kunming is quite convent.  

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Kunming cuisine

In Kunming, picturesque natural scenery enhances delicious local foods. Its dishes are representative of Dian (Yunnan Province) cuisine, which combines cooking styles of cities and nationalities in Yunnan Province. With its high humidity and mild temperatures Kunming provides abundant fruits and vegetables all year for local cuisine. In addition, there are numerous snack options in high streets and back lanes.

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  Transportation Guide

There are many ways for you to get here and there in Kunming or travel around the country. Due to Kunming is situated on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, rail and air become the top choices to go Kunming from outside of Yunnan. Inside of Kunming city, you could also choose bus, taxi etc.       >>learn more

Other useful informations

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