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Dining in Zhengzhou

There are many famous restraunts in Zhengzhou, which covers different flavors of different countries. I believe you can find a favorite one here.

Four Seasons Tongda Eco Park Restaurant

The restaurant was decorated as an eco-park with plants, rockery, water and animals. Because the restaurant is really too wide, the servers serve the tale by wearing skating shoes. It is said that the ingredients are organic vegetables produced by the restaurant. Customers can have a walk after their dinners. Organic vegetables (有机蔬菜) and Steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers (剁椒鱼头) are the most popular two dishes.

Chinese name: 四季同达生态园 Siji Tongda Shengtai Yuan /see-jee tong-daa shnng-teye ywen/ Average price per person: 61 yuan

Address: Middle Section of Tianhe Road, Huiji District (惠济区天河路中段)

Tel: 0371-6358 7666, 6365 8888

Zhengzhou Roast Duck Restaurant

It is an old restaurant in Zhengzhou, being very popular. Roast duck is the signature dish with crispy skin and tender meat. Yifu noodles (伊府面) cooked with sleever-fish, trepan, mushroom and fresh vegetable is also highly recommended.

Chinese name: 郑州烤鸭总店 Zhengzhou Kaoya Zongdian /jnng-joh kaoww-yah dsong-dyen/
Average price per person: 41 yuan
Opening hours: 11am–10pm
Address: 10 Renmin Road, Erqi District (二七区人民路10号)
Tel: 0371-6626 2796

Hua Yu Chuan

It should be the best Chuan style restaurant in Zhengzhou, serving improved Chun cuisine which is not as spicy as that in Sichuan Province. The restaurant is decorated as a western restaurant. It is so popular in Zhengzhou that customers need to order in advance in case of getting no seats. Taian fish (太安鱼) is the signature dish, and Maoxue Wang (毛血旺, a famous Chuan dish with the main ingredient is duck blood), noodles cooked with shredded chicken (鸡丝养面) and stewed tofu with minced pork in pepper sauce (or Mapo tofu, 麻婆豆腐) are several top dishes there.

Chinese name: 华豫川 Hua Yü Chuna /hwah yoo chwan/
Average price per person: 59 yuan
Address: Floor 2, Agricultural Reclamation Mansion, 59 Erqi Road, Erqi District (二七区二七路59号农垦大厦2楼)

Tel: 0371-6622 2356

West Lakes Spring

It should be the best Zhejiang style restaurant, serving exquisite and delicious Hangzhou style dishes (Hangzhou is a city in Zhejiang Province). The dining environment is good and the services there are in high quality. West Lake fish in vinegar gravy (西湖醋鱼) tastes sweet and sour, and the fish meat is tender. Dongpo meat (东坡肉), Longjing shrimp meat (龙井虾仁) and fried rice cake with crab (蟹炒年糕) are several top dishes there.

Chinese name: 西湖春天 Xihu Chuntian /sshee-hu chnn-tyen/
Average price per person: 108 yuan
Address: Floor 1, Holiday Inn Express Zhengzhou, 115 Jinshui Road, Jinshui District (金水区金水路115号洲际集团中州快捷假日酒店1楼)

Tel: 0371-6585 8001, 6585 8002

Haidi Lao

It is the most popular hot pot restaurant in Zhengzhou, with circumspective and high-quality services. Xia Hua (虾滑, minced shrimp meat), Chaozhou-style beef ball (牛肉丸), tender mutton (嫩羊肉) and tofu pudding (豆腐花) are the most popular food there.

Chinese name: 海底捞 Haidi Lao /heye-dee laoww/
Average price per person: 60 yuan
Opening hours: 24 hours
Address: 194 Xida Street, Erqi District (二七区西大街194号)
Tel: 0371-6932 3013, 6625 2331