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Living on Campus

Living on campus is very convenient. Most Chinese students will choose to live in the dormitories on campus. First, it's very safe and will rest mind. Secondly, it has reasonable prices. The cost of living on campus is lower than other ways. Thirdly, it gives you more chance to make friends and get to know more about China. Because most Chinese students choose living in the dormitories on campus, you can feel the real Chinese students’ school life and become one of them. In addition, dormitories have complete facilities and safe surroundings and the distance is more suitable than living off campus. Meanwhile Chinese universities will provide special dormitories for international. And the prices usually vary from 30 RMB/day to 50 RMB/day determined by different universities and different types of dormitories. 

SICAS Reminder: 
1. You can email to to reserve your room on campus if you have received the admission letter of a Chinese university through SICAS and have got your visa. 
2. You can find out specific costs for each university's on campus accommodation on the university's SICAS page (click on the 'Accommodation' button on the left navigation bar).
Besides, you can get all kinds of services such as shopping, dining, laundries, entertainment, ATM etc while living on 


Living off Campus

If you don’t like to live on campus, you can choose to rent a room near your campus。

Most of the universities will allow foreign students to live off campus while you have to inform the university and get the permission from the university first before you make the arrangement. Some schools may have strict accommodation regulation for the sake of students’ safety so you may be required to go through some official forms to get the permission for living off campus. However, some universities will not allow the international students to live off campus due to some security consideration, especially when you are in your first year or you are younger than 18 years old. There are many ways for you to get housing information; you can check some renting websites, such as Ganji, or Haozu. There are certain columns on the local newspaper for renting and you can also find something useful from the billboard on campus. Just be aware that most housing ads you find are posted by agents who may charge an agent fee when you sign the contract (typically one month’s rent) and who may not speak English. The rents also vary a lot according to the location and condition of the apartment. If you need help from SICAS, please email to

If you want a more independent life, you can also choose living off campus. It can make you easier to integrate to Chinese life and culture.