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Nightlife in Xuzhou

Although Xuzhou is an ancient city, the local people still enjoy a modern nightlife. They go to bars, amusement centers, cinemas, or various gymnasiums for relaxation and recreation. 

Hubu Hill in the center of the city is where most of the bars are located. The best known are the Cool Show Bar, the Virgin Bar, the E Bar, and the Storm Intense Emotion Bar.

The Pengcheng Beer Festiva

It is held in August each year attracts thousands of people. During the nightly revelry, people sing, dance, and drink beer together. Excellent performances are often rewarded with bursts of applause and cheering. 

Bar Culture Festiva

Another festival that was just started in 2006 . Running from March 18 to April 18, its focus is to promote wine appreciation and to showcase the revival of the local people's recreational life. The excellent performances, and interesting interactive games, together with the exciting audiences, make the party extremely breath-taking and impressive.

Addresses of other Recreation Venues

Top One Club
North of the Baida Supermarket, Jiefang Road

Zhongshantang Amusement City
No.68, East Huaihai Road

Bailemen Amusement City
No.49, East Huanghe Road

Athena Karaoke Bar
No.155, East Huaihai Road

Ximatai Bowling Corporation
No.108, Jiefang Road

If you like a more peaceful environment and are interested in Chinese tea culture, you can go to the tea houses located throughout the city.

Addresses of some Tea Houses

Qingxinju Tea House

East gate of Pengyuan Garden, South Jiefang Road, Quanshan District

Mingxiangyuan Tea House

No.253, West Huaihai Road, Quanshan District

Yaxinyuan Tea House
No.1-No.35, Antique City, South Pengcheng Road, Yunlong District