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Shopping in Xuzhou

Xuzhou has many local specialties including food, wine, fruit, and handicrafts. Peixian dog meat, great burdock products, children's crunchy candies, and sweet-scented osmanthus hawthorn cakes are well known local foods, while winter peaches and Fushi apples are widely planted local fruits. They all make good choices for you to buy as souvenirs. Stamp albums and postcards with paintings of Han Dynasty (260BC-220) stone sculptures are also worth buying.

Pengcheng Square

You can visit many shopping malls, exclusive brand clothes stores, supermarkets, and book stores. The Central Fashion Street under the square is also a good choice.

Bus Lines:  The No.1, No.33, No.37, No.39, No.56, No.59, No.73 and No.75 

Xuanwu Marke

Located on both sides of Xuanwu Road in the center of the city. This market sells a wide range of items ranging from daily necessities, clothes, and cosmetics to electrical appliances and various foods. You can bargain with the sellers while you decide whether to buy their goods.

Bus Lines:  No.5, No.18, No.50, No.66, No.68 and No.101.

Addresses of Some Shopping Centers

Xuzhou Department Store

No.1, South Zhongshan Road

Xuzhou Shopping City

No.45, East Huanghe Road

Jinying (Golden Eagle) International Shopping Center

North of Pengcheng Square

Youyi (Friendship) Department Store

No.268, West Huaihai Road


Address: No.6, North Zhongshan Road

Business Hour: 08:30-22:00 (Monday to Sunday)

Bus Lines: No.2, No.9, No.17, No.21, No.33, No.38, No.48, No.56, No.57, No.69 and No.76