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Shopping in Wenzhou

Wenzhou’s commercial economy is very developed and is famous for its trade in China. Wenzhou’s shoes, clothes and small wares are well-known among Chinese people. 

Wenzhou is also renowned as ‘the City of Clothes’ and ‘the City of Shoes’, where you can get trendy clothes and shoes for cheaper price.There are a lot of trade and wholesale markets. Other than clothes, shoes, hats and small wares you can also find electronic products, building materials, agricultural products. 

Featured Shopping Streets

Wuma Street 

400 meters long and 12 meters wide, Wuma Street is one of the oldest streets in the downtown Wenzhou with a history of thousands of years. Most buildings along the street are of Western style dating back to the Qing Dynasty. On the street, you will find some century-old stores for local specialties. At present, Wuma Street, as a pedestrian street, is the most famous business street in Wenzhou which most travelers will not miss during their visits to Wenzhou. Hundreds of stores stand along the street, selling shoes, garment and local specialties.

Shamaohe Lady Street 

Close to Wuma Street, Shamaohe is a small street only about 270 meters long full of ladies shops selling women’s shoes, clothes, cosmetics and decorations as well as small restaurants for fried dumplings and Sushi etc. Her change from an unknown street to a famous destination in Wenzhou has shown the canniness, competence and beauty of Wenzhou ladies. After the reconstruction, it has returned to its old style with simplicity and classical fashion. Wandering on the street, you will see red lanterns hanging everywhere to be a line of scenery together with those Wenzhou beauties.

Shopping Malls

There are mainly four shopping malls in the downtown Wenzhou, including Kaitai Department Store, Intime Department Store, Times Square and the high-end Fortune Shopping Mall, where you can find most well-known Chinese brands and some world-famous luxury brands.

Wenzhou Intime Dept. Store 

Wenzhou Times Square 

Wenzhou Fortune Shopping Mall 

Wenzhou Kaitai Dept. Store