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Tourists Attractions in Fuzhou

Fuzhou is a famous tourist city with beautiful and countless sceneries and an excellent city center, and with natural and manmade sights. There are famed mountains, temples, tombs, gardens, towers and Fuzhou is a renowned tourists’ destination which is rich with beautiful and countless sceneries. Abundant with natural and manmade sights, you can find famed mountains, temples, tombs, gardens and other cultural relics throughout the city. 

Sights in Fuzhou City are splendid but refined. If you are interested in the landscape of south China, Fuzhou City is a good place to visit.

1. Fuzhou Kaiyuan Temple

Address:  78 Kaiyuan Lu,Gulou District, Fuzhou

Getting there:  Take bus No.117 or 129 to Qixingjing stop

Contact:  0591 8750 2204, 8753 2879 
Website: (Chinese)

2. Xichan Temple (Xichan Si)

Price:  RMB 20

Address:  455 Gongye Lu, Gulou District, Fuzhou 

Getting there:  Take bus No.317 or 39 to Xichan Temple stop

Contact:  0591 8372 8128  

Description: The Xichan Temple is located due west of Fuzhou City, just beyond Fuzhou University. It was built in 867 AD during the Tang Dynasty. In front of the majestic and imposing Buddhist buildings grows an 800-year old litchi tree which still bears fruit. The temple boasts a collection of jade statues of the Buddha brought from Myanmar displayed in the Jade Buddha Hall. The seated Buddha is 2.95 meters tall, while the reclining one measures 3.7 meters in length. Xichan Temple enjoys the longest history among the five Fuzhou Buddhist temples. In 1983, the China State Council designated it as the National Key Buddhist Temple in the Han Nationality Districts

3. Minjiang Park

Location: both sides of Minjiang River, the 7.5 mile-long Minjiang Park is the largest park in Fuzhou City. 

Description: The park is composed of seven tourist zones from west to east. They embrace various kinds of natural landscapes and man-made scenery. Visitors can take a leisurely walk or rent a bicycle to tour in the park. 

An attractive sight in the park is the collection of 64 amazing sculptures of diverse styles. They were created by gifted artists from 14 different countries and regions. The local people regard these sculptures as the soul of the Minjiang River. In addition, there are four unique paths especially designed for your visit to the park. They are a footpath, a sightseeing path above the water, an electric power cart road and a bicycle path. No matter which path you choose, it will certainly provide you a wonderful experience in beautiful Minjiang Park.

4. West Lake Park

Location: Northwest of Fuzhou in Hubin Road.

Transportation: bus Nos. 1, 805, 810, 811, 818, 958 and 960

Description: West Lake Park is famed for its similarity to West Lake in Hangzhou. It has been a tourist attraction since the Tang Dynasty (618-907). West Lake Park is the most completed ancient garden in the city and is called a pearl of gardens in Fujian Province.

5. Fuzhou Drum Hill 

Location: In the east suburb of Fuzhou city, at the north bank of Min River, about 17 kilometers from the city center.

Transportation: taking bus No. 36, 7, 815, 812, 808, 937, 69, 957 and 960, and get off the bus at Drum Hill station.

Description: It has been a tourist attraction since Song Dynasty, now it is considered as one of the top ten scenic spots in Fujian Province.
The hill was formed 135 million years ago, it is called drum hill because on the top of the hill stands a large stone, which is as smooth as a drum, it is said that when storms coming, the drum-like stone would rumble as if it were a real drum. The main peak is 969 meters high and the total area is 48 square kilometers.