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Shopping in Fuzhou

Fuzhou is the main industrial arts producing area of China. Cork pictures, stone carvings, lacquer, horn combs, jade carvings, porcelains, shell carvings, golden and silver ornaments are popular with local people and tourists alike.

Three Treasures of Fuzhou

Lacquer - These products include decorative screens, vases, tea services, smoking sets and stationery etc

Stone Sculptures - Rocks from Mt. Shou are fashioned into seals, vases, stationery, characters, landscapes and flowers etc.

Cork Pictures - Cork is used to make hanging screens, folding screens and decorative articles depicting landscapes, characters, animals and birds.

These crafts are available from the Cultural Relic Head Office (in Cultural Relic Building, Wusi Lu), Industrial Arts Service Office (in Hexi Lu), Fuzhou Oriental Painting and Calligraphy Association (No.176, Wuyi Bei Lu), Huadu Building, Fuzhou Shopping Center etc. Chating Jie is another good place for handiworks.

Special local products include Olive, Fu (Fuzhou) orange, Furong (lotus) plum and Jasmine tea etc. Tourists can buy these in the big marketplaces.

The main commercial areas 

In Fuzhou, the main commercial areas including Wusi Lu (mainly for brand-name clothes and tourist products), Wuyi Lu (massed emporiums and large-scale shopping centers), Taijiang Lu (mainly for small commodities and second hand market), Dong Jie Kou (a traditional commercial block), Bayiqi Lu (the most ancient and prosperous shopping street), Aofeng Lu (the largest wholesales market), Zhongting Jie (a indoor pedestrian street) and Zhongzhou Dao (the first pedestrian shopping island). Also, there are many large emporiums and modern supermarkets in Fuzhou. We recommend some here for your reference:

Xinhuadu Shopping Square

Here you will find a wide range of the basic necessities of daily life:
Address: No.162, Wusi Lu
Bus route: bus Nos.5, 51, 817 to Gushanzuo Stop
Opening hour: 7:00-22:00

Fuzhou Hualian 

This is a large retail outlet.
Address: No.125, Taijiang Lu
Bus route: take bus 51, or 1 to Taijiang stop
Opening hour: 9:00-21:00

Fuzhou Lianbang Emporium

This is a good place for buying clothes.
Address: No.47, Wuyi Zhong Lu 
Bus route: take bus Nos.908, 962, 959, 8, 801 etc. to Tiedao Dasha stop
Opening hour: 9:00-22:00

Fuzhou Da Li Jia Branch of Walmart Shopping Square

Address: B, Da Li Jia, No.169, Wuyi Zhong Lu

Fuzhou Great Wall Branch of Walmart Shopping Square

Address: No.615, Liuyi Bei Lu