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Engineering in China

Petroleum Engineering( For Bachelor`s Applicant)

General Information on  the Petroleum Engineering Programs (For Bachelor`s Applicant)

Teaching Medium: English
Degree Awarded: Bachelor's Degree
Entry Requirements:  High School Graduate
Duration: 4 Years

The following universities are ranking according to their popularity, you can click  the courses to get more information and start online application.

Early application are favored for the vacancies are limited. 

Petroleum Engineering 

City University Program Tuition Fee
Qingdao China University of Petroleum(Huadong) Petroleum Engineering RMB 20000/Year
Fushun Liaoning Shihua University Petroleum Engineering (in English) RMB 15000/Year


1 Q: What do Petroleum Engineering majors learn?

A: Petroleum Engineering majors learn how to find, extract and store oil and gas resources from beneath the earth’s surface. Petroleum engineers have traditionally been among the highest paid of engineering specialties.

2. Q: What are the main courses of Petroleum Engineering?

A: Higher Mathematics, College English, College Chemistry, Fundamentals of Computers, Fluid Mechanics (bilingual language), Engineering Mechanics (bilingual language), Mechanical Drawing, College Physics, Linear Algebra, Petroleum Reservoir Physics, Oilfield Chemistry Engineering, General Geology, Fundamentals of probability and statistics, Permeation fluid mechanics, Petroleum reservoir engineering, Drilling engineering and Completion engineering.

3. Q: If I want to apply for the Engineering Courses on SICAS, what is the entry requirement? 

A:Generally applicants should have a good background in math, chemistry, physics, mechanics and geology .But different universities have different basic entry requirement. For example, the Liaoning Shihua University's Entry Requirement is (just as reference ):

Bachelor's Degree Program

1) All Foreigners and Overseas Chinese, aged 18 or above, in good health
2) Applicants must observe the laws and decrees set by the Chinese Government, abide by the rules and regulations of the university and respect Chinese customs
3) The applicants must hold a high school diploma, graduation certificate and transcript are required.

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