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Night Life

  Night Life

When it comes to night life, Guangzhou is one of the best cities in China to knock back a few. With a relatively large population of foreigners here, the city offers a wide variety of nightspots that cater to all tastes.
As one of the first Chinese cities that were opened to the outside world, Guangzhou is definitely a pioneer in introducing fresh overseas trends in the field of entertainment. And it is easy to find a place to drink, sing or dance the night away...

  You may choose to spend happy hours in bars. In that case, you have to be aware of the three best-known party streets in the city--Binjiang Road, Huanshi Road and Bai'e Tan. Binjiang Road Bar Street is by the bank of the Zhujiang (Pearl River), in a great setting. Huanshi Road Bar Street is located in the city centre. The Bai'e Tan Bar Street, located at Changdi Road on the bank of Bai'e Tan (White Goose Pond), is the most exotic.


The night scene of Binjiang Road

The night scene of Huanshi Road

The night scene of Bai'e Tan

What are the hottest clubs with lots of diversified nationalities in Guangzhou?

The logo of True Colours

The first one is True Colours located at No. 276, Yang Jiang Zhong Road, Yuexiu District, right beside the river. It has a wide range of songs from R&B to techno. Lots of young people hang out here for love of the environment.

People are having fun at HEI HEI.  

The other one is HEI HEI, a great R&B club, located in Exit D, Haizhu Square.

The logo of Nova

There is another club called Nova located on Huaxia Road, Zhujiang New Town (an urban area) . It's super nice, check it out!

  Some may want to have fun in singing, then your choice may be KTV. At this time you will be full of passion like a singer on the stage. In fact, karaoke proceeds in a private room only with several people who are in good relationships so do not worry that you will sing in a huge crowed. There are many KTV parties, especially in bustling commercial streets. During the karaoke, there may be some private games, such as card playing, dice playing and so on. There are beers, tea, munchies etc. Two KTV clubs should be on the list of your selection.


The interior decor of Party World


One is Party World, a heaven for those who love karaoke. It has more than 100 rooms with top-of-the-range equipment. It's located on the 1st floor, Huiba Business Building, 80 Xianlie Zhong Road.

One KTV room of Music Box


The other is Music Box. As a recent addition to the local KTV market, Music Box has quickly become popular for its above-average audio quality, flashy ambience, up-to-date song selection and reasonable prices. It has two branches. Compared to its Qiyi Road Branch, the Tianhe branch boasts somewhat better décor and larger rooms. Tianhe Branch is located on the 1st to 3rd floors, Tianhe Hui Plaza, 160, Tianhe Zhi Street, Tianhe District. The Qiyi Road Branch is on the 9th , Haiyin Plaza, Haizhu Square, No.1 Qiyi Road, Yuexiu District.                          

  For movie fans, two cinemas are places you ought to go to.

People are heading towards China Plaza


One is China Plaza Theater located on the 8th floor , Zhonghua Square, No.33, Zhongshan San Road. It is the first five-star cinema in Guangzhou and it ranks as one of the Top Ten box office cinemas in China.


The hall of Yonghan Cinema


The other is Yonghan Cinema located on No.186, Beijing Road, Yuexiu District. It is easy to find in the commercial center of Beijing Road. Its movie hall offers an exquisite bled of luxury and comfort. Here you can enjoy the screening of both classics and contemporary movies.