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Dynamic Economy

Dalian starts preparatory works for Summer Davos 2011

A delegation led by the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the World Economic Forum (WEF) visited Dalian on February 22, 2011, expressing their plan for the preparatory works on the Summer Davos which is to be held in Dalian from September 14 to 16 this year. The preparatory works for the Summer Davos 2011 in Dalian have been started. The coastal city of Dalian which has held the Summer Davos in 2007 and 2009 will continue to focus on the green and low-carbon Davos style this year.

"Dalian is chosen based on her preferential facilities and environment and the reputation as a New Champions city"—Andre Schneider, COO of the World Economic Forum

—— Reported from CNN

Dalian Speed

Nightscape of Zhongshan Square

The city’s main industries include machine manufacturing, petrochemicals and oil refining, and electronics. This serves to the city’s a continuous double-digit increase in GDP since 1992. Particularly in 2010, the city's GDP registered a 15 percent increase, reaching RMB 441.77 billion, with per capita GDP hit RMB71, 833. According to a nationwide appraisal by the National Bureau of Statistics, Dalian ranks eighth among Chinese cities in terms of overall strength.

Dalian is an excellent location for businesses involved in metal and lumber processing, component parts consolidation and distribution. Seventeen enterprises in shipbuilding, internal-combustion engines, and finished oil and bearings are the largest firms of their kind in the country.

Besides, the city is striving to build up an IT and software center – with the progress that it is now an increasingly important software exporter to Japan. Finance and other service industries are growing as well. So far there have already been 23 foreign-funded banks and financial institutions setting up branches or agencies in the city. The exhibition industry is also doing well with the achievement that The Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center has hosted over 300 events, including the Dalian Import and Export Commodities Fair and Dalian International Garment Fair.

Environmental Protection

Dalian bears an environmental friendly pattern development and the local bureau had lain great emphasize on environmental protection. Dalian's environment quality kept improving due to the official control. The average content of sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and reparable particulate matter (PM10) in the air reached Class 2 of National Ambient Air Quality Standards, and there were 359 days with an air pollution index (API) over Class 2 (Good), including 115 excellent days with Class 1 (Superior). Coastal water quality stayed stable overall and the standard rate of marine functional areas reached 100%. Water quality of drinking water sources complied with Class-III of Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water. Urban traffic noise was in line with the national regulations and standards and the regional average noise is 54.2 db.

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