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International Trade

Teaching Medium: English
Degree Awarded: Master's Degree
Entry Requirements: Bachelor's Degree
Duration: 2.5 Years
Starting Date: Sep.2024
Application Deadline: Jun 28, 2024
Tuition Fee:
CNY 36,250 per year
Application Fee:
150 USD (Non-Refundable)
Schools: Other

1. Objective of the Program

The graduate students are expected to do the following: to learn Economics, Econometrics, International Economics, International Trade and Practices, and Law of International Trade, to know the actual conditions of China, especially for the development of economy under the policy of reform and opening to the outside world, to understand the international trade of China, especially for the economic trade growth between the countries or districts of the overseas students and China.

After learning the professional knowledge, the graduate students are also required to lay a solid foundation on basic theories and required specialized knowledge, to be able to conduct scientific research to a certain degree, to apply and embody them in his/her dissertation and future work.


2. Duration of the Program
2.5 years.


3. Requirements of Curriculum and Research
• All the major courses are taught in English
• The students are required to master Chinese according to the curriculum during the study
• Theme, literature reading report, and dissertation can be prepared in English
• The publicly-issued paper in journals is suggested to use English; it is also available for those overseas students to use their own language.
• Dissertation is required to have Chinese abstract about 1500 words.

4. Graduation Certificate and Diploma of Master Degree
After the successful oral defense and evaluation by the school committee, graduate department of the university and academic degrees committee of the university, the students will be issued a graduation certificate and a diploma of master degree of Economics of People's Republic of China.



1. Non-Chinese citizens with a valid ordinary-type passport

2. Be in good health

3. Have attained the Bachelor’s degree 

1. ID Photo

Recent bareheaded(within 6 months), full-face, blue-color background, one-inch certificate photo(390*570), instead of landscape photos or photos of daily life, in JPG format, less than 100K.


2. Passport Copy

A clear copy of your valid passport with your name, photo, birth date, place of birth, date of issue, date of expiry; Visa page is required for applicants who are not in their home country.


3. Highest Degree Certificate and Official Transcript

The official certificate and transcripts are those that bear the facsimile signature of the registrar and seal of the issuing institution. If the originals are not in Chinese or English, they must be translated and notarized;


4. Language Proficiency Certificate

If the score sheet is not available at the time of application, applicants may upload a screen shot of your scores. But the original score sheet is required when registration.


5. Statement of Financial Support


6. Two letters of Recommendation with Signature

Written in English or Chinese by two different professors or associate professors from previous academic institutions, or work supervisors, etc.


7. Supervisor Acceptance Letter


8. Study Plan or Research Proposal in China

Written in English or Chinese, more than 800 words, including research achievements so far(e.g. title and abstracts of graduation thesis or published paper), reasons of choosing SHU, study and research plan, future career plan, etc.


9. Others(Refer to Departmental standards)

Examples of Artworks(6 color pictures) or Music Work(1 audio tape)(Only for the applicants applying for Fine Arts and Music)