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Why Study in Shanghai University

Shanghai University is one of the key universities in the "Project 211". The current president of the university is Professor CHIEN Weichang, a famous educator, scientist, social activist and member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Party Secretary of Shanghai University is Professor YU Xinhui and the Executive Vice President is Professor Zhou Zhewei.

In October 1922, kuomintang-chinese communist cooperation had created Shanghai university, is the principal of yu, the dean for qu qiubai. This is a is known as "wu have whampoa, wen have on the big" revolutionary school, in 1927, "the 412" counter-revolutionary after the incident, by the kuomintang authorities forcibly closed.

In May 1994, Shanghai industrial university (founded in 1960), Shanghai science and technology university (founded in 1958), the former Shanghai university (founded in 1983) and Shanghai science and technology college (founded in 1959) is amalgamative, establish for the new Shanghai university. Shanghai university teachers and students aspire to inherit and carry forward "old on the big" revolutionary tradition, for the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics and make more contribution. The famous scientists, educators, and outstanding social activists, Chinese academy of sciences professor qian wei-chang senior academicians in 1983 as President of the university of Shanghai industries, 1994 Shanghai his university President, his unique education ideas and strategies to manage the started school ideological liberation and academic prosperity of the new situation, and promote the development of undertakings in the new school.

Shanghai university now has 27 college and two school tube system; With 71 undergraduate majors, and a master's degree authorization center level 1 discipline, 166 master's degree authorization centers, 13 of the secondary discipline for the master degree (including engineering master including 18 engineering field), 20 a doctoral degree level 1 subject authorization centers, 72 Ph.D. Degree authorization centers, secondary discipline 19 independent set point, secondary discipline 13 bachelors postdoctoral research; Have 4 national key discipline, nine Shanghai key discipline; Have 2 the ministry of science and technology and Shanghai building the state key laboratory of cultivating base, a state sport general administration of sports social science research base, a the key laboratory, a provincial department of the ministry of education to build key laboratory, a ministry of education engineering research center, six Shanghai key laboratory (two provinces of state key laboratory cultivation base to build), a Shanghai engineering technology research center, three national experimental teaching demonstration center, four features of ministry of education, professional construction points, a Shanghai university sociology E-institute, two higher school of humanities and social science research base, a Shanghai society science innovation research base.

Shanghai university actively implementing talent strong school strategy, initially formed by the teacher leading level, reasonable structure, clear of internationalization, the high quality, basically meet the development needs of the school teachers, and has set up a file in the most disciplines formed some characteristic, to have the influence, has the potential to the discipline of the team. Existing full-time teachers of more than 2700 people, including professor of nearly 500 people, associate professor of more than 930 people, have doctoral degrees of teachers of nearly 1400 people. The existing of Chinese academy of science, academy of engineering nine people, doctoral supervisor of more than 400 people; In the CCCCP "one thousand project" 6 people, the ministry of education "Yangtze river scholars" four people; In Shanghai "one thousand project" 3 people, Shanghai "eastern scholars" 25 people; Get the national natural science foundation of "outstanding youth fund" 6 people, the national outstanding contributions of the young and middle-aged science and technology experts four people; Enjoy special government allowances experts 46 people.