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Students services

On Campus Living Code

To provide a friendly and comfortable environment for all students living in dormitories you shall obey the rules as follow:

1. All the rooms are arranged by shcool, please do not change without permission or let.
2. Keep quite and do not make noise lest disturb other students, keep your room and corridor clean.
3. Pay the damage or compensation if it occurs by your side. 
4. Behave yourself and never break the school rules and Chinese law.

Transport Guide for new students to Shanghai University

1. Flight to Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG)

Or you can take taxi from airport to school directly with the rate of RMB 180—200. There is also mini-bus for 10 Persons you can take after you contact the administrator at the taxi station.
Attn: Please assemble at the place with taxi sign for calling and the administrator at the taxi station will record your destination, DO NOT TAKE the vehicles without taxi sign or administrator.

2. Flight to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Taking taxi will cost you RMB 50—80 to school.

3. Train to Shanghai Railway Station

There is a underground taxi station in south square of railway station and from there to school taking taxi will Cost RMB 20 - 40.

4. Pickup from Airport

Please provide us accurate flight number, arrival time & date and terminal to school at least 5 working days in advance if you need school pick you up from airport and assemble inside of the arrival hall. A post with “Shanghai University” will be hold for your recognition by the person who will be meeting you at the airport.