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International Conference of the "Industries of Chinese-Language Cinema: History, Reality, and Methodology" Hosted by Shanghai University’s School of Finance

In recent years, Chinese-language filmmaking has undergone a booming period, making it possible for Chinese culture to achieve greater influence around the world. More and more people have become interested in Chinese-language cinema, and the research on the cinemas of mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong has gained increasingly high profile in the academic circle. In this context, from June 10 to 11, 2011, Shanghai University’s School of Film-TV (the third phase of the leading academic discipline project of Shanghai: Film Studies), working together with co-partners of Hong Kong Baptist University, Film Art Journal, and Shanghai Forum for Film Studies, organized and hosted the international conference of The Industries of Chinese-Language Cinema: History, Reality, and Methodology. The conference centered its theme on the industries of Chinese-language cinema, and the participants approached the theme from a variety of angles, from filmic texts to filmmakers, from film studios to the market, and from the audience to film theaters. Some of the participants also contributed to the conceptualization of the methodology of film industry studies as a subject.
The conference received more than 80 submissions from the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Singapore, mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. At the 2-day conference, participants presented their research around a variety of topics, ranging from "Chinese-language cinema and Co-productions", "Interaction between the mainstream and commercial films", "City-themed films and identity politics", "Cross-cultural and trans-media communication", and "Chinese-language cinema and independent productions". The conference is an important part of Shanghai University’s leading academic discipline project. Using "Shanghai International Forum for Film Studies" as a platform, Shanghai University’s School of Film-TV will in the future strengthen its cooperation with top research institutions and scholars in the world, bring together all the forces in the field, and promote worldwide appreciation of Chinese-language cinema