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SUFE Becomes one of the Central Innovation & Entrepreneurship Base for High-caliber Overseas Talents

The 14th Chinese Overseas Students Science Exchange Meeting and the High-Caliber Overseas Talents Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award Ceremony were held in Guangzhou on December 20th. At the award ceremony, 38 organizations and 7 universities including the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics were recognized.

Yuanchao Li, minister of the CPC Central Committee Organization Department, and Yang Wang, secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, attended the award ceremony and presented awards to 45 bases. Prof. Zhongfei Zhou, Deputy President of SUFE, received the SUFE’s award.

The honor is proof of the success of SUFE’s efforts to secure and retain premier talents and should help promote the school’s strategy of reinvigorating itself through human resource development.