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Accommodation and Service

All the international students can live in the International Students Apartment on campus. There are two types of room: single room and two-bed room. These two kinds of room are equipped with the independent toilet, air-conditioning, desk and chair, wardrobe , laundry and bedding items. It also offers broadband internet access and landline.

Campus Accommodation Expenses

Single Room: RMB 50 per person per day
Double Room: RMB 50 per person per day

Photos of Accommodation(click the pics to enlarge)


Double Room                                                                                                                Double Room

Living Facilities and Conditions(click the pics to enlarge)  

International students can access a wide range of services including sports facilities, entertainment, canteen, supermarket, bank, post office, and telecommunication on campus.


Dormitory Building                                                                                 Dormitory Building   

Dining in Campus(click the pics to enlarge)  

International students in the campus can cook meal in dormitory kitchen and eat in their dining-room in the dorm.


Kitchen in Dorm                                                                                                         Dining-room in Dorm

Other Detailed Informations about the Accommodation


Type of Room

For short-Stay students(Less than 90 days)

For Long-Stay students(more than 90 days)

International Students dormitory

No.1 building

in ZhongshanBeiyi Road

Single Room



Double Room


42 (South)
40 (North)

double-room suite



International students dormitory

No.8 building in ZhongshanBeiyi Road

Standard Room


42 (South)
40 (North)

Three-Person Room



International students
dormitory No.7 building in Guoding Road

Double-room suite


* A deposit of RMB 800 is to be paid when checking in and will be refunded when checking out.

* Electricity bills are based on the metered consumption. A deposit of RMB 100 of electricity bill is to be paid in No.8 and No. 7 building when checking in. Electricity bill in No. 1 building is to be paid monthly.

* Laundry fee is RMB 3 every time. The deposit of laundry card is RMB 10.