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Students Comments

What International Students Think About Studying at SUFE?

Undergraduate Program

Chanita Danvanichkul (Thailand)
2012 Undergraduate student (Finance)

As a bachelor student at SUFE, I feel the school gives me a lot: love, friendship, warmth, joy and knowledge. Students in SUFE are very active and friendly, therefore I have the opportunity to make friends. Teachers here are generous. When I ask them questions, they always pay attention and try to explain until I understand. I have learnt a lot in this university, such as domestic and international economics, macro and micro economy and financial market. I am thankful for those teachers who take care of me. I am proud because I have lovely classmates. I am happy that I am studying in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Master's Program

Levgeniia  Plubotko (Ukraine)
2014 Master student (Marketing)

Study in SUFE gives you a big number of opportunities for successful future. As an international student doing my major in Chinese , it helps me to improve my language skills and study marketing from an Asian perspective. Despite of the theory, the teachers also give us practical tasks, so we can use the knowledge and analytic skills. SUFE is a modern university with powerful education system, sophisticated teachers and talented students. I am happy to be a part of it.

 English-given Master's Program

Merchant  Mohammed Taqi〔Pakistan)
2013 Master ‘s student(Finance一English taught〕

SUFE provides its student an exceptional pad in term of not just excellence in academics under the guidance of faculty who are the best in class in their areas of expertise, but also for a wealth of extra-curricular activities being offered on campus,be it sports or the various other societies. Students literally get the best of both. For me the campus life here at SUFE is pretty fun. There' s always something to do. I am part of the SUFE baseball team, and am also involved in swimming, badminton, table tennis, volleyball and tennis. The faulty at the international department are all very helpful as well, with whose help, in no time this university became my “home away from home”. To sum up, I would just like to write two things: thank you SUFE and yes , it has totally been worth it.

 Doctoral Program 

Gevorg  Grigoryan(Armenia)                                        
2011 PhD student (Finance)

SUFE has experienced an incredible development over past few years. Being one of the best universities in china in finance and economics area, SUFE is taking consistent steps toward becoming one of the world’s top class universities. To PhD students SUFE offers variety of high quality courses, access to large number of libraries and international conferences and meet famous economists. I am proud of being a student of SUFE.

Foundation Program

Markhabat Maman Ospankulov (Kazakhstan)
2012 Foundation Program Student

During my year as a foundation program students, all the courses are taken with international students. Besides, the school arranged Integrated Chinese classes, which is of great importance in HSK Test. And in my year as a Foundation Program student, I passed HSK Level 5 and became a bachelor degree student of SUFE. Moreover, I was the chairman of the 11th International Students Society of SUFE and held activities such as career planning, New year’s party and International Friendship party, through which I make a lot of friends.

Business Chinese Program

Sobor  Ekaterina (Kyrgyzatan )
2013  Autumn Semester Business Chinese 

Many foreign students try different courses at different institutions, in case to find the best option. I didn’t do it, because I ‘m satisfied with the level of teaching in SUFE. Learning Chinese because my level of Chinese already allows me to discuss different topics with Chinese people. Our teachers try to make lessons more useful. We debate and express our views on a particular issue or a case, share life stories, our experience, give each other advices. This method of training not only increases the level a lot and develop ourselves, for what each of us should aspire to.