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School of Finance

The School of Finance was established in September 1998 as a result of consolidation of the former School of Finance, Wantai School of International Investment, Shanghai School of Securities and Futures, and the Department of International Finance. The consolidated school offers Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degrees in finance. Professor Ming Huang is the current dean of the school. Professor Ming Huang holds a PhD in Finance from Stanford University, a PhD in Physics from Cornell University and currently serves as an associate editor for the American Economic Review. The School's main programs include Banking, International Finance, Securities and Investment, Insurance, Actuarial Science, Credit Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Finance Engineering. The school has established academic collaborations with several overseas universities and institutes including the IMF and the World Bank on education, research and professional training programs. The school has undertaken various projects for the Ministry of Finance of China, the People's Bank of China, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, such as the FIST program of the Ministry of Finance of China and the British Council for training Chinese financial professionals.


The Department of Banking has been well recognized for its high quality teaching and research records. It has undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral research programs in the Economics of Money and Banking, Commercial Banking Operations and Management, Government Credit Management System, Credit Rating, Financial Regulation and Asset Appraisal. The department also provides joint training with National and international professional institutions. Associate Professor Li hong, , is the current head of the department.


Cao Xiao (Lecturer, PhD),Chen Liping (Associate Professor, PhD) ,Dai Guoqiang (Professor, PhD Supervisor,), He Ren (Associate Professor, PhD), Hu Naihong (Associate Professor, PhD candidate),Hu Weixiong (Associate Professor), Li Hong (Associate Professor, PhD), Liu Yongming (Associate Professor, PhD, Associate dean of the school), Lu Shimin (Professor), Shang Huajuan (Associate Professor), Shi Binchao (Professor, PhD Supervisor), Wu Yiwen (Associate Professor), Ye Weichun (Lecturer, PhD), Zhao Xiaoju (Professor, PhD) 

Research and Related Faculties

The Department has two research centers: the Credit Risk Research Center and the Banking Studies Center. Both centers enjoy a good reputation for their professional services for Chinese government agencies, businesses and other institutions.The department has formed a strong team based on academic excellence, quality teaching, and empirical research. It has made significant progress in both theoretical and applied research, which is highly regarded by Chinese decision-making authorities, especially financial regulatory bodies and financial institutions, for its valuable consulting and academic work. The department has been awarded more than 30 National and Shanghai municipal awards for its quality research programs, academic works and publications during the last 10 years.


The Department of Insurance of the School has a long history dating to 1946 when the National Shanghai College of Commerce (the predecessor of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, SUFE) established the first insurance department in China. In 1985, SUFE rebuilt the Insurance Department and became the only university in the eastern China region to offer bachelor's and master's degrees in insurance. In 1994, the department set up an actuarial program for undergraduates. Master's degrees have been conferred since 1998 and PhD degree since 2002. Associate Professor Zhong Ming is the current Chair of the department.


Insurance Staff: Wei Qiaoqing (Associate Professor, PhD), Xu Jinliang (Professor, PhD Supervisor), Yu Ziyou (Professor, PhD Supervisor), Ying Shichang (Professor), Zhong Ming (Associate professor, PhD candidate), Zhao Xuelin( Lecturer), Zhou Fang (Lecturer,PhD).
Actuarial Staff: Li Shehuan (Associate Professor, PhD), Su fang (Associate Professor, PhD), Xie Zhigang (Professor, PhD supervisor), Yang Buqing (PhD, Lecturer), Zhao Guiqin(Lecturer, PhD), Zhu Wenge (Associate Professor, PhD).

Research and Related Facilities

SUFE-Swiss Reinsurance & Actuarial Reference center, Research Institute for Finance and Insurance, Research Center for Insurance & Actuarial Science, China-Korea Insurance Cooperation Center, Examination Centers for CII, IOA, CAS, CPCU, LOMA, and for China Insurance Brokers and Insurance Adjusters.

Current Projects

Editing the Actuarial Communications, Journal of Actuarial Committee, Shanghai Insurance Institute; Serial Research Reports on China Insurance Development; Case Studies on the Failures of Insurance Companies; Solvency Regulation; Motor Insurance; Professionalism Design for Insurance Industry.


In June 1994, SUFE and the Shanghai Stock Exchange worked together to establish the Institute of Securities and Futures.
The institute provides both university degrees and professional training on Securities and Futures Management. Professor Gong yangshu, is the head of the Institute. Currently, there are 3 main directions: Securities Engineering and Financial Engineering, conferring undergraduate and postgraduate degrees; Corporate Finance, conferring undergraduate degree. It emphasizes educating and training students to become securities professionals who are application-oriented, versatile, have the highest ethical standards and comprehensively understand the global financial system. Since its establishment, the institute has trained more than 350 bachelor's degree graduates, more than 100 master's degree postgraduates, and several thousand professionals.

Research & Development

The Institute has strong cooperative links with Chinese professional and research bodies of securities and futures, as well as overseas institutions. Various projects from Chinese government agencies and commercial institutions are carried out by the research and training centers in the institute. The Research Center for Financial Engineering is led by Dr. Shao Bin, the China Capital Market Database Design Center by Dr. Luo Yuding, the Training Center for Chinese Securities Investment Professional by Dr. Wang Mingtao and the SUFE-Jinhui CFA Training Center by Liang Guoyong. These institute has published numerous research reports and are proud of its contribution to the securities industry in China.


Cao Zhiguang(Lecturer, PhD), Chen Hong (Associate Professor, PhD), Gong Yangshu(Professor, PhD), Han Qiheng (Associate Professor, PhD), Huo Wenwen (Professor), Jin Dehuan (Professor,), Li Yao(Professor, PhD), Liang Guoyong (Lecturer, PhD), Liu Liya (Associate Professor, PhD), Lu Rong (Associate Professor, PhD), Luo Yuding(Associate Professor, PhD, Associate Dean of the School), Wang Anxing (Associate Professor, PhD), Wang Mingtao (Associate Professor, PhD).


The Department of International Finance was established in 1998 on the basis of the international finance program of the former Department of World Economics. The department has a long history and has earned a stellar academic reputation. It has had many scholars attracted by faculty members well-known in China's educational and academic circles, such as Zhu Yuan, Wu Guojuan, Xie Shusen. The department offers not only bachelor's and master's degrees but also PhD degrees in international finance. The head of the department is professor Qu Weidong.


The goal of the department is to educate students to become high-level financial managers who have fundamental as well as specialized knowledge of international finance and who are familiar with the business of international finance. The main courses offered for the programs are international finance theory, international finance management, international credit and loan, investment banking, and international Accountancy.


Many faculty members in the department are well recognized professors in the area of International Finance, including PhD supervisors Ding Jianping, Shi Xiquan, Xi Junyang, Xu Xiaoping, Zhou Jizhong,. Master's supervisors include Guo Lihong, Jin Hongfei, Li Xiaojie, Qu Weidong and Tan Ruyong, and lecturers Chen Lixian and Qian Chanjuan. Their research focuses on financial engineering, investment banking and financial management. Each year the department produces many research achievements that contribute to the field of international finance as well as bring the Chinese financial industry closer to international standards.